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    how to change username

    I can't find any place in win7 forums to change my username.
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    how to get "Optimize this folder for" for Audiobooks or eBooks

    I have just made a new library folder titled audiobooks, but I can't get the column headings I've chosen to stick. The headings revert back to music headings, which are just not the right headings for audiobooks or ebooks, which was going to be my next folder addition to the library.
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    move up item for new column heading

    I must be really missing something, or this system is seriously lacking. If I want to include the column heading titled "Year", which is at the very bottom of the list, the only way I can do that is to use the "move up" button, but this will not move the item up more than one at time. My...
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    windows live mail underlines contact's address

    I am having a problem with windows live mail. When I click on "Reply" at the bottom of a message, I get the contact's name or business name in the "To" text box, not their email address. Thinking I had found the solution by right clicking on the contacts address and then selecting "send...
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    recycle bin doesn't show deleted files

    I have started using my laptop, because I've sent my desktop to HP for repair. I connected a WD My Book 3T hard drive so I could access some files. I didn't notice anything till I started changing icons in Rocketdock. I usually keep the Recycle Bin there and un-check the desktop icon in...
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    pc does not restart correctly

    trainable man: I've edited my original thread to clarify a couple of things. I noticed I didn't relate the problem exactly as it is.
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    pc does not restart correctly

    When I click the "restart" button from the start menu "shut down" menu the computer starts closing open programs like normal, but when it gets to the screen that says "shutting down", after maybe one or two or even three minutes (I don't know), the hard drive's blinking light on the computer...
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    The destination already contains a folder named ...

    I am trying to backup/copy 5 system folders to a WD 320 gb hard drive. The 5 folders are; the Program Files, the Program Files (x86), the ProgramData, the Users, and the Windows folders in the C: folder. Two of these folders, the Program Files folder and the Windows folder are giving the...
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    SOLVED Cannot Create A Restore Point

    15% = 44.71 GB; System Protection is "ON" for C: drive The 15% is 44.71 GB and the System Protection is turned "ON" for C: Drive. Also, I am the only user and yesterday I did the time/date exercise for verifying administrator rights and it didn't actually prompt me with a UAC dialogue...
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    SOLVED Cannot Create A Restore Point

    When I try to create a restore point, I get a message "Access denied" (0x80070005). The reason I was trying to create a restore point is because there hasn't been a restore point created by windows 7 since the 4th of this month. So I have restore points from about the 1st to the 4th and...
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    SOLVED Display has stopped turning off after set time of 5 minutes

    Until recently the display would turn off after the 5 minutes that is set in power options/choose when to turn off display, but now for the last few days it isn't turning off after 5 minutes or any number of minutes, it just stays on. What could be causing this problem? Signed, shewood1
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    How to backup software programs and games before a complete factory default restore

    Question: How to backup software programs and games before a factory default restore I am intending to do a complete restore and would really like not to have to reinstall the complete "Programs and Features" list of software I've installed. I have a WD external hard drive, but my...