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    Installing Windows 7 To PC Through USB

    Hi, I installed windows from USB done everything properly. Well I thought. But Windows won't boot from SSD. Instead it has made a Windows MBR in my Bios and I have to boot from there. What did I do wrong, please any sugestions. Although it's pretty smart from there, it dosen't boot up so fast...
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    Disk Device Drivers SCSI

    Hi, TrainableMan, Yes disks are running fine, Why on earth are we relying on windows old Technology though. Does not make sense to me, I would have thought Microsoft would have addressed this issue when bringing out windows 7. Although I think you are right on this issue, I can vaguely remember...
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    Disk Device Drivers SCSI

    Hi, I am new to this site so hello to one and all. I am having trouble trying to find windows 7 drivers for my disc SCSI. I have Driver Version 6.1.7600.16385 driver Date 21\06\2006 I am looking for the latest versions. Is there a service pack 2 or three that I am missing for Windows 7 Ultimate...