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    Prob With My Printer,or Several Apps At Once

    have you tried printing from the right click menu on the file rather than from the app?
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    SOLVED Windows 7 installation won't start

    Is the disk dirty or scratched? other wise try an iso.
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    One of the hard drives not showing on my PC

    try opening Disk Management, does your disks show up there with drive letters? Normally if there are more than 1 internal disks teh DVD drive shows as E: or more
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    Windows Update

    Solved at Download
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    SOLVED Issues with deleting items in my favorites folder

    Do you get an error message or anything popping up?
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    Source path too long. Windows can not copy the files

    Try copying to the desktop first, or make a new folder on the desktop and copy there first. Then copy them to the other drive from there.
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    as2 files in My Documents You could delete the files, they don't seem important or affect the system
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    Autoplay does not appear in Windows 7

    does it appear on windows explporer?
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    Do I have a virus?

    have you tried asystem restore? if it doesn't work, I recommend you reinstall windows and deleting all partitions. or maybe run antivirus software
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    Can't use keyboard at Windows Boot Manager.

    I got the same problem, and i got this new keyboard a week ago
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    SOLVED Getting no sleep!

    So you want it to go to sleep on its own? in Control Panel you go to Power Options, Change Plan Setting and you should see an option to decide how long the computer is idle for the computer to go to sleep on its own.
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    SOLVED W7 significant drop in performance

    I've experienced that in the past a bit. but updating drivers helped me a bit.
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    Having 2 OS's while sharing the same files

    So Basically I have a 480GB ssd and a 120GB ssd, I want to merge them and make 600GB then I want to split it in half and make a partition where the files are duplicated so that i can run 2 OS... Is it possible?