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    SOLVED Need a good font manager

    I like Font Expert 2010
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    OpenOffice now called LibreOffice

    Agreed. Just don't forget to change the way it saves documents to Word 2003 format (.doc instead of .docx) so people who don't have 2007 or 2010 or who haven't installed the converter can open them.
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    no icons!

    Can he ctrl-alt-delete and start task manager. Then go to File/New Task
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    no icons!

    Open a command prompt as administrator and run sfc /scannow
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    Setting up a web page.

    I have to say that I prefer to design in css or php. I use Dreamweaver sparingly.
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    Need advice on upgrading from 32 bit to 64 bit

    If your system supports 64bit then I'd recommend it. It handles memory more efficiently. Your video card may be reserving RAM which would account for some of the 1.8 that you don't see. As far as programs are concerned I have not been inconvenienced at all by any program and most...
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    Upgrading from 32bit to 64bit Win7

    To run iTunes on 64bit you must install the 64bit version and I see no conflict with your files. Just back them up and iTunes will find them. As for Outlook, back up your pst file. Outlook doesn't care if it's 32bit or 64bit. And yes, you'll have to reinstall the OS to go from 32 to 64bit.
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    Setting up a web page.

    You can create all of your content off line and upload to your server. Dreamweaver also has a site option that will upload your files using the FTP protocol. A word about images. When you add an image to your site Dreamweaver will add the path to your image so make sure that this path is the...
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    Setting up a web page.

    What program should you design in. There are gazillions to choose from and I use several depending on the type of site I want to design. All have their limitations but I'll suggest Dreamweaver to start with as it has an intuitive interface and a small-ish learning curve. Another type of site...
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    replacing door knobs/striker plate

    Would that be door knobs on a Windows 7 machine?
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    SOLVED Off title threads

    On other forums I moderate we call this thread hijacking and I post a request to keep it on topic. If it continues, the thread is closed.
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    CCleaner v3.0 and Defraggler v2.0 coming soon

    Thanks for the heads up. Defraggler is not something I use. I use Auslogic's free defragmenter but CCleaner is a staple on my system.
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    IE 9 Beta Download.

    It allows you to click directly on links within a post to open them. Somewhat like parsing links. Text Link is another one I use.
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    IE 9 Beta Download.

    IE9 is fast and I like it but until they develop addons such as Linky that I use religiously in FF it will not be my default.
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    SOLVED FireFox

    No hanging issues here using FF 3..6.9. If you're having problems it could be caused by an addon. Disable them and start enabling one by one to find the culprit.