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    PC Boot Problem

    It's not uncommon, especially on older systems to hear a beep at the completion of the POST (Power On Selt-Test) that runs each time you start your PC. I would only be concerned about the beep if it is new (that is if you never heard it before but now you do), if that is the case it could be an...
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    Turn Off Auto Starting Programs

    You can also clear out any shortcuts in the startup folder in the start menu(start-> all programs -> startup), as well as run msconfig and uncheck the boxes for unwanted programs under the startup tab.
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    Windows 7 Safe mode

    If you log on to windows and type msconfig in the run or search boxes you get the windows config console. In the console there is a check box under the Boot tab for a safe boot, that should get you into safe mode on the next restart. Other than that F8 is the only real way to get into Safe Mode...
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    Users Choose 64-bit Version of Windows 7 Over 32-bit Version

    The problem with going over to 64-bit 8-9 years ago wasn't the industry, it was consumers. Keep in mind that the poeple on a forum like this are gamers or IT specialists and upgrade/replace their PCs frequently as new tech is introduced. Many people, the majority in fact, don't upgrade unless...
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    SOLVED Windows Media Center crash

    Reinstalled and Media Center is up and running again, thanks for the advice on this.
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    SOLVED Windows Media Center crash

    Malwarebytes keeps crashing so I can't help ya there, keeps stopping mid-scan and a pop-up saying it is unresponsive and needs to close. Here is the other info. OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (Did a clean install) Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600 Other OS Description Not Available OS...
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    SOLVED Windows Media Center crash

    Like some on this forum I had been having total system freezes at random times that required a hard restart. One of those freezes occurred as I was starting up Windows Media Center. Ever since then every attempt to start WMC results in a "WMC has stopped working and windows is searching for a...
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    windows 64 on the system page 2.44 usable ram when i have four

    In most cases like these it is because the system has reserved some of the memory for something else, such as video/ graphics or for essential system functions. Go to control panel->system & security and under system it will have the option to view RAM and processor speeds. This should tell...