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    System Restore - Discussion

    Thank you Nibiru2012. I have followed your instructions to create a Windows 7 Installation DVD.
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    System Restore - Discussion

    You mention booting from the Windows 7 installation DVD as a methd of getting into System Restore. But computers are often sold without this DVD. If you do not have this Installation DVD, is there any other method of starting up your computer so that it will go into System Restore or is ther a...
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    Replacement for FDISK /MBR

    I have an Acer Aspire M3400 with Windows 7 pre-installed. I have installed a second internal SATA hard drive on which I plan to install a second operating system. This will involve using Grub to overwrite the boot partition in Windows 7. If Grub fails and I can't get into Windows 7, is there...