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    Your Broadband Speed

    Here's my package from Roadrunner. I just swithched from Verizon with the 1.5nm plan to a 5 mb plan. Four times faster file down speed
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    Windows 7 Index rating

    Did you upgrade any video drivers? What's the name and model of your video card? How old is this PC? From what I read on the Internet, it's mainly a Video card issue. Try going the the video cards manufacturer's website and look for updated drivers.or go a search for your particular card...
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    Microsoft here are some tips!

    If you could give give me a better unstanding what you mean by that comment. I'd appreciate it. First, i believe I helped chivazo with 2 of his concerns. And no, I am not a fan of the new Start Menu. It's seems to me that Microsoft has made addition steps to locate what you're trying to...
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    Window 7 - Quick Launch, Option Toolbar, Hotkey

    I just posted this in another in the above topic: Tips & tricks to bring back the old look: There are many ways to tweak Windows, but you'll never get the Classic Start menu back unless you edit the shell32.dll file with a resource editor (Dangerous territory) Here is a small sampling: Right...
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    Windows 7 has a lot of problems......Let's talk about the problems/bugs!

    First, it can be done any easy way, but you first have to go to Control panel and choose Folder Options, click the View tab and check Always Show Menus, your old style menus will now appear in Windows Explorer and other programs as well. Click Show hidden folder, files, and drives. uncheck hide...
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    Microsoft here are some tips!

    Sure, but do we need 55 Control panel options where some of the exact options are located in other Control panel items? Right-click on My Computer, choose open, double-click on the C: drive, navigate to the Windows folder and locate explorer.exe. Drag that file to the desktop, and choose...
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    Windows 7 Defrag

    I hear that!.. It was like someone put me in a trance. Someone could have screamed my name directly behind me and I never would have heard them. I was hypnotized to the screen. Sort of like being on acid.....that was 30 years ago:) What got me off my habit was when I got my first computer...
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    Adobe Flash Player

    Yea, you're exactly right. I wish I had this info earlier. I did it by copying the install file from the c:\windows\system32\Macromed directory, transfered that to the Windows 7 machine and double-clicked to install Yea, it worked, but what a hassle.
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    Can't copy file from OSX to Win 7

    Does it give you the complete line?, such as this: S-1-5-21-4277324765-2891694714-945436520-1001
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    Bypass 'Unknown Publisher' UAC popup?

    BetaMan, Are you saying this method doesn't work? Go to Control Panel > Action Center, click on User Account Control Settings and move the slider down to Never Notify.
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    Who is a bit disappointed??

    There are many ways to tweak Windows, but you'll never get the Classic Start menu back unless you edit the shell32.dll file with a resource editor (Dangerous territory) Here is a small sampling: Right click the taskbar and choose properties. Check "Use Small Icons" Taskbar Buttons: "Never...
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    Pictures default save location

    How did you change the default location? You might have to edit the pointers in the registry to get it to work the way you want.
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    my network places problem

    adammint7, You say you're using IE8, but your screen shot shows Firefox. Have you switched over to IE? In IE, go to Tools > Internet Options, click on the Advanced tab and see if "Enable FTP Folder view" is checked. whatever is set at uncheck or check the box, then restart your computer.
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    Windows 7 beta 1 to Vista .. ?

    Try this page, the guys very knowledgeable:
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    taskbar icons

    Sorry, I didn't see you had it fixed. To pin programs to the taskbar, navigate to a directory which you want to add a shortcut to, such as C:\Program Files\DVDMaker\DVDmaker.exe. Right-click on the executable and choose pin to taskbar.