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    icons change

    About 3 days ago my desktop icons would no longer remain in place after rebooting. I have been searching for solutions, I have unchecked auto arrange, i have unchecked let personalized desktop arrange your icons. I noted that this sometimes happens when there has been a crash ( I have had such...
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    permission problems

    thanks will do
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    permission problems

    W9ndows 7 I am using Win Rar The user Id < am not sure about . I have been trying to do the zipping as the administrator I am not sure about devices that were in stalled. It was a brand new Dell vostro 220 about a month ago I had a whole lot of problems., I ended up having the memory replace ...
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    permission problems

    I have been working on blue screen crashes on my pc and I have been asked to post some mini dump files.When I tried to do this I did not have permission. I couldn't figure out how to do this. I read several online tutorials and none helped. I finally got some help and was told to run as...