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    Daft question I know it wont work but i'm desperate

    I had a similar problem. I downloaded the Gparted ISO from here and burned it to a CD. Booted from the CD and used Gparted to create a single NTFS formatted partition using ALL the SSD. You'll need to delete any partitions...
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    Windows 7 Application Compatibility

    PeerGuardian2 64bit
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    Windows 7 RC is now available for download

    @katanna Small reminder from Microsoft. :eek: :)
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    Realtek drivers problem

    The site is slow. Be patient. For Vista 32/64bit. Will work with Windows 7 I uploaded an older one which should work.
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    Windows 7 x64 Build 7068 - Won't Shutdown

    Windows 7068. Just to add another ingredient to the pot. Approximately every 3 restarts my computer doesn't. (Yes, English is my first language. :D) It shuts down instead. It's not a big deal. :)
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    Disable Hibernation

    Click on the Start button, type in 'cmd' in the search field. 'cmd.exe' will be found. Right click on it and select 'Run as administrator'
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    Feedback link missing

    I notice that my Feedback link, which WAS everywhere, no longer exists. I have just done a clean install of 7068. I've been through the FeedbackToolEnabled routine in the registry. There was NO dword, so I added one. 0 is off. So I set it to 1 & rebooted. Nope. Then 2 & rebooted. Nope. Then...
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    Performance increase with NO 32 bit software loaded

    I've done a bit more editing. The figures are not quite as impressive as I first thought. But still very, very good. (points the finger at himself, and shakes his head.) I'll spend some time over Easter getting a better idea of the true speeds. Happy Easter! :)
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    Performance increase with NO 32 bit software loaded

    I've just done a clean reload of Windows 7068 64 bit. Loaded avisynth64, virtualdub64 & xvid64; nothing else (well ok, ac3acm64 so I know the audio is happening. :D) This is all getting seriously good. Or I have no idea what the devil I am on about. (This is where you get to point your...
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    How did you find this site?

    Looking for Windows7 / VirtualBox I wanted to run Windows 7 in a SUN Virtualbox. After googling (yes, it's a verb to me) I found an article by Ian on running Windows 7 in a Virtualbox. Turned out to be about installing. :) Spot on! Up and running first go. Next step was to create a 'Live...