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    SSD 70% Fragmented

    This is my boot drive so what should i do?
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    SSD 70% Fragmented

    you said in your previous post: "I might still try the defragging method I suggested above" but i couldnt find that post with that explanation on so should i do the standart windows defrag on the ssd?
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    SSD 70% Fragmented

    sorry but is that defag thing on the TRIM link as ive checked tahat link and i cant find anything on defragmenting
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    SSD 70% Fragmented

    it turns out that is IS Enabled thanks for the link Digerati
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    SSD 70% Fragmented

    ive deleted some stuff an i have 4.89GB left now of free space. and i dont thimk TRIM is compatible as it doesnt show in the drive properties
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    SSD 70% Fragmented

    989.4MB of free space
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    SSD 70% Fragmented

    so it could be a problem with windows 7?
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    SSD 70% Fragmented

    The program is Disk defagmenter in windows ( The standard one) i went do defrag my data hard drive as it came up with 70% fragmented on the SSD (Boot Drive + Programs)
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    SSD 70% Fragmented

    Hi my OCZ 64GB SSD is at 70% fragmentation, what should i do as i know you aren't supposed to defrag it?
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    External Hard drives

    hi windows 7 forums! i was wondering what is the most reliable external hard drive brand coz i was going to buy one and i wasnt sure what brand to get. Thanks in advance, PcGeek
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    Audio Volume Levels Too Low

    is it plugged into the green port or the blue one? it should be on the green one if not.
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    nVidia Graphics Card on chipset AMD?

    It should be completely ok if you use nVidia with the AMD CPU or vice
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    Please help! Transferring data from external HDD to new PC

    you could crack the drive open and put in in a hard drive dock and that may work
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    WD My Passport Hard drive error

    hi! Im havng some trouble with my 1TB external hard drive.a few hours ago i was oping files and it worked fine. But now sometimes the drive works and sometimes it doesn't. all the time when you plug it in windows makes the device connect sound. But sometimes it asks me to format it but i dont...