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    SOLVED Download Internet Explorer 9 Final Version!

    But, why did they feel compelled to move the favorites button to the upper right when it's been on the upper left for years. It will take a while to change my recalcitrant hand. Apparently you can't move it, either.
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    3rd party windows utilities are they worth it?

    No, not really. I'm old and there was a time when you absolutely had to have third-party programs. I don't believe it's necessary any longer.
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    Just finished my dual monitor setup SUPERB

    My first foray into dual monitors were two mismatched monitors and two graphics cards, one VGA and one PCI. It was awkward and clumsy but I could see promise. When I got a graphics card that would output to two monitors I bought two matching 17" monitors and I was sold. Now I have two 22"...
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    Homeland Security Warns About Latest Dangerous Apple Browser Bug

    I'm sorry but anything the government warns me about gets discounted. Whether it's swine flu or Y2K it's almost always exaggerated or simply bogus. As I recall, it was Homeland Security that said I should be concerned about conservative veterans. So, excuse me if I don't get my knickers in a...
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    Email problems

    I use Windows 7 and Outlook 2003, not Outlook Express 2003. Here's paragraph from one of my emails and it works fine for me. Do the links in the paragraph work for you?
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    SOLVED Microsoft Security Essentials ?

    There doesn't seem to be much of a correlation between a program that finds a lot of "threats" and one that doesn't when it comes to your computer getting infected. I think some of the, "Oh, oh, we might have a threat here," is hype.
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    Firefox Nears 30% of Worldwide Market Share

    I'll stick with IE8 but I do occasionally download FF to check it out. I wonder if my downloading the program puts me on the list as a "user"?
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    Outlook 2003 minor probs

    I had the logon for the internet popping up and asking me for the password for my incoming server. I was an error in the server addresses. I neglected the pop. in front of the domain.
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    64 bit windows 7

    Most 32-bit programs will simply run, some require installation with compatibility mode, and some, such as 32-bit Flash, won't run at all. I had one dictionary that simply wouldn't run. So, I bought a new one that would run.
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    Why I Went 64 bit

    Ah, HP 1020. I've generally liked my HP printers but they must have the worst drivers in the world. It was always a nightmare in Vista for me and it was worse with Windows7. I downloaded the drivers for Vista64, opened them to a directory, and I seem to remember using "update drivers" and...
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    For those wondering about win 7 as main op sys

    It really depends on the risk. My computer is a home computer. No business but photos that are important to me. When I decided to test the beta I was impressed enough to run it as my only OS. It was clearly a beta but quite stable. I increased my backup schedule from weekly to weekly plus...
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    Release Candidate: Should I install?

    My opinion is that if you're uncomfortable enough to ask you'd probably be well advised to wait. There can be glitches with drivers. My beta loaded onto the wrong hard drive once. Things happen.
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    Hard Drive Bad Sectors

    Where I worked, IT was supposed to back up our data weekly. The system crashed we lost data and learned they hadn't bothered to back up our files for months. Heck of a fight to see who paid the overtime to re-enter the data. Sunday morning is when I back up my files. It doesn't take long and...
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    Where are you from?

    I've been living in Oaxaca, Mexico, for over ten years.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate

    Home Premium for me. It is for home use. None of the enterprise features interest me which is as it should be. If Ultimate had features of interest to home users that were lacking in Home Premium then Microsoft would have screwed up.