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    Who is a bit disappointed??

    This is Windows to me, if I can't achieve this in Windows 7, why would I want it. You wouldn't buy a car that didn't have a radio just because it was removed for, "upgrades," would you? Look how small, quaint, and too the point my start menu is in xp. It takes up little screen space, and I can...
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    Who is a bit disappointed??

    Coming from XP it looks very different to me and I am very dissappointed. My Computer is a mess, the left collum is cluttered, and the libraries are shoved down our throats, its just a complete mess, XP is superior here. And the absence of the Classic start menu really pissed me off. Why would...
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    Changing system font

    How do I do this in Windows 7 beta build 7000? Being a XP user, the whole, "personalize," thing is very confusing.
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    ATI video card

    I have an ATI video card and have no problems after turning updates on. Before then my resolution was bad and some games wouldn't run properly. Maybe the updates are holding you back?
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    Unable to change desktop icons

    When I show my My Computer icons and My Network Places icons on the desktop and try to change the icon to a Xp styled version, the icon changes in the Desktop Icon Settings window but doesn't seem to show on the desktop. Does anyone else have this problem?
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    Quake runs but it is very very slow, even when running in Xp compatibility mode. Quake 2 and Quake 3 seem to run fine.
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    Aim versions 5.9 and down

    I had some problems installing and initially running them. I can only get the program to start once, if I close it I can not start it again until I restart my computer. Is anyone else having this problem? And I still use versions under 5.9 as I am a Dead Aim user.
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    Turning ribbons off in MsPaint?

    I am a long time user of MsPaint, I use it for a lot f my editing needs and the new ribbon interface is just an eye sour to me. I feel it is to clogged and would much rather use the original interface. Does anyone know if there is a way?