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    TOTAL WAR holidays on Steam , great sales on all the TW games
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    Cool ! Waiting for the rest 3 episodes from L4D to apper in L4D2 as Valve has promised As they mentioned before .. Yes , Zoye with a chainsaw !
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    Screensaver windows 7 doesn't come on

    So there is no cure for this problem .Here it doent start either way ,and yes , its turned on and i can check the animation with preview option but it doesn start as its needed .Also XP used to switch off the monitor while it stayed idle for 20 mins , now it doesn in Win 7
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    Sleep vs Hibernate

    I have no idea , there is just SLEEP wich is definetly difftent from TURN OFF . Sleep mode is qute cool so im not turning off or rebooting the system for weeks
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    Your favorite all time game?

    There are the whole world of games i didn had a chance to play , otherwise ive played just a few of them . So far one of my fav games was Dune i played ~ 20 years ago on Sega Mega Drive 2 system
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    Ive got L4D2 ( oh lucky me ) just for 5 bucks ! With all updates / addones included :D Im,not able to pay 40 or 60 usd for a game , they are quite expensive on Steam , not to mention u recieve nothing , no boxed version , no covers , printed instuctions , the disc , nothing Ha , as we have...
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    Windows 7 or win xp for games

    7 is worthy when u have a DX11 video card and a DX11 game
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    Your favorite all time game?

    I dont realy sure for curtain but i will say my fav were these games i played being young when i owned the micacle of the modern ( at a time ) gaming technology , Sega Genesis 16 Bit
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    How does this look please

    7200 at 68 C ? this is incredible hot
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    WAT is official!

    but it can not roll back the changes it made and aslo this kb will be includen in upcoming Service Pack 1
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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit to Windows 7 32bit

    Thats becoz they dont allow to switch to 32 bit from 64 ( and vice versa ) but the key is the same , there are no diffrence between the 32 and 64 bit keys . In ya case its OS limitations
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    Application Compatibility Update (March 10, 2010)

    Halo 2 Enables the application’s functionality. Still not workin here , the in game control work stange , i have to switch to the insane mouse sentivity settings at 1600dpi , this way its somehow possible to control any vehicle
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    Your favorite all time game?

    im an oldskoola too , prefer old good classic games and modern reincarnations like doom 3 or quake 4
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    Your favorite all time game?

    Great one ! I remember it appered on Sega DreamCast , that was something !
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    WAT is official!

    Ms is doing cfafty tricks so u have to check and doble check ANY update they offer with WU