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    SOLVED computer stopped seeing my camera (USB issue?)

    Hi Paulmars, Sorry to hear about your problem. There are few possibilities of your problem which are as follows: • There may be an issue with the USB port. • Driver Issues, etc. To resolve your issue, I recommend you to go through...
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    Windows 7 stops at Welcome

    You can take out the battery from your laptop and then remount it back. Then, check the results. If the problem persist, I think you can go through I hope it will solve your problem. Good Luck!!!
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    Help trying to access external hard drive.....please

    Hey 3billy3, I wanna ask you that have you checked other USB on the same port where you have inserted an External Drive? Well, the problem shows that your hard drive becomes RAW due to which it is not displaying in the Disk Management. Now, you think of your valuable data. If you have a habit...
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    How to Recover Files After Accidentally formatted Windows 7

    Accidental formatting is a sudden scenario that may take place at any time and result huge data loss situations. Usually, it starts when you use a tool to format any external drive or internal partition. You probably remember the list of all the partitions & external drive connected to your...
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    Windows 7 updater not working network not available...

    Are you sure that you've installed the same updates?? What these updates for like Driver, Security or any other. Sometime Windows just can't install the updates due to number of reasons like not enough free space, incompatible files to perform with current copy of Windows. Make sure that you've...
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    windows 7 32bit

    Hi, From here you can download the ISO of Windows 7 32 bit(choose language whichever you want). Make sure that you've a valid copy of license to run this operating system once installed. Thanks, Oliver
  7. oliverpowell & 404?

    Well. That's because you're trying to login in some different location or by using different device. This thing happens with me already when I've entered wrong password 2 time.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium major system crash

    Try performing sfc /scannow for once at least and see if may found the route cause of the problem and restore your system to successful running state. Before running for fresh install, please follow steps mentioned in below tutorial to solve your explorer.exe problems and see if you succeeded...
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    SOLVED Missing Documents, music, etc.

    Are you the only person using your computer?? Someone from your family or friend might have unintentionally changed your PC settings and moved your files to somewhere else. Ask them and see if they know anything about this. Moreover, list all the programs (if any) you've installed before this...
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    Recovering data from my external hard disk

    Undoubtedly, you can't access the data without formatting everything on the drive. Though, it would be great if you could provide few more details about the tool you've used to protect your external hard disk. Later we'll check the encryption scheme provided by the encryption software and will...
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    Recaping a an old issue. HDD problems.

    Once the bad sectors is created on your HDD, it can't be removed and overtime, It'll start damaging its nearby sector and soon make the whole drive become inaccessible or died. The best bet is to through it or donate it someone who really needs it and purchase a new one. P.S. There is an high...
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    EXPLORER crash

    Here's how you can address your issue: 1. Download and install ShellExView on your computer. Disable all the non MSFT content one by one and check if the problem is resolved. If disabling non MSFT services didn't helps, proceed to next step. 2. Perform sfc /scannow on problem or all the...
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    Random Restart - no BSOD

    Let the Windows scans for all the available updates and install it. Meanwhile, also check updates for all the driver (specially video graphics card)l. How to update your Windows: How to update driver...
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    SD Cards / USB Drives not working anymore in Windows

    Wired!! Solving computer related problems is kind of exploring mystery and sometime it takes little longer to find the right solution. Glad you've patience. Let us give it one more try, which is formatting the drive on another computer using command prompt. As sometime, the system you're using...
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    SD Cards / USB Drives not working anymore in Windows

    Found from here: Give it a go and see what happens.