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    Happy Birthday Ian

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to Ian! Happy Birthday to you - From all at the olg207 household :D
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    Ipad and Lockerz???

    When I saw that I laughed!!! so true yet it will be a renovating piece of technology, that will set a trend - will set the bar for tablet pc's everywhere and netbooks :) Remember if you want a Lockerz invite PM me, I already have near 200ptz since two weeks after signing up - bloody amazing...
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    Forum slow

    I had the same issue last night, it took forever to load the home page, I just gave up in the end, closed the tab, opened a new tab, typed in the url - hit enter - and it was fina and dandy after that. Great forum btw Ian :)
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    Ipad and Lockerz???

    I like Apple (dare I say it) and think I might be converting??? then again I will always be a Windows fan boy till I die, but love the feel, and personalisation Apple give to their products, thats one thing Microsoft can't! Because of all the different manufacturers - Dell / HP / Sony, meanwhile...
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    Free software give away Site

    another genius give away site is called LOCKERZ - PM me for invite - as it is an invitation only - so easy to get stuff too, I already got a wii out of it within a month of earning points. To earn points simply login everyday and answer a question - simple :) PM me for an invite There is also...
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    Ipad and Lockerz???

    You were right about the lack of usb support as well - however there is an adapter there selling - which is extra alon with all of Apple's other accessories, like the case, dock and keyboard? Knowing Apple these will be expensive too - and probably where they make their profit lol - they also...
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    Ipad and Lockerz???

    I like the A4 chip inside the iPad coz it has 1Ghz (ok not much) but when it is compacted with the flash memory together - that is a pretty big feet. Ok it would be awesome if they raised the bar to a few Ghz more, fair enough but i think it will be a trend setter - like most of Apple's...
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    Ipad and Lockerz???

    Ok hello people - I havnt been on here on a while - been working heavily no time busy busy busy! Anyway I have put two topics in one thread just for ease. Now I know all of you MS fan boys are going to hate me but what you think of the iPad? I personally love it even though I crave the latest...
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    how to backup a disk?

    Hello people :) I was wondering, my windows 7 disks (32bit and 64bit), can i back them up, just in case anything goes wrong. Because knowing me I will leave it round the house somewhere, and it might get scratched, anything might happen! So is there anyway I can backup a windows installation...
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    Windows 7 Is Here, BUT

    sorry I mean the links for the dell and HP computer offering x64 version
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    Windows 7 Is Here, BUT

    could we have the links please, greatly appreciated :D
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    PC freezes at "Verifying DMI Pool Data"

    Hello there, and welcome to the forums. I would suggest doing several things... Turn the PC off, and hold down the power button for 30secs! It will turn on and turn off again - thats ok. This removes any static on the motherboard or the components. If that doesn't work check the RAM is fitted...
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    Win7 Party Programs

    I was just happy about the fact that I got £220+ worth of software from Microsoft. Can I have a link to your party page Thrax please, heres mine....
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    Win7 Party Programs

    It sure is :D I got mine last Thursday, and havn't installed it yet as I have been waiting for an extra 2gb. This now means I am going 64bit people ;) Im on the R/C now and in a few minutes I will be going to install the Signature edition 64bit after just installing Kingston ram, 2gb Thanks to...
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    Windows 7 Key

    Sorry about that :)