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    W7 backup error code: 0x80070578 invalid window handle - help please

    Hi. Have been running Windows back-up successfully for several months, and now an error: 0x80070578 has cropped up - unfortunately, after tracking down that it means 'invalid window handle' (why the xxx doesn't Microsoft tell you instead of just giving an obscure code ? *), I am none the wiser...
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    Restore from system image - well, how ?

    Thank you for the trouble you have taken over this answer, which is very clear and covers far more than my original question (including explaining the hidden partition). However I foolishly left out the crucial words 'are missing' from my original post (now added): my question is not how to...
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    Restore from system image - well, how ?

    Many thanks for this, but System Restore is straightforward - except when it tells you that you cannot use that restore point , because it is corrupt or the system doesn't like it - and when it further tells you that the point you have chosen does not work, leaving you with no option but System...
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    Restore from system image - well, how ?

    The MS page which is what one gets when one searches MS for 'system image', is ludicrously vague. While saying it will tell you how to restore from a system image, the detailed instructions are...