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    Taskbar shows no internet connection but it's working (except for Internet Explorer)

    Hello, My desktop computer with just one wired network connector has developed a strange problem. When I turn it on the taskbar internet icon shows no connection. For a while it just displays a spinning circle then either shows a yellow exclamation sign or more often a red cross. However...
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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver stops Autoplay working

    Hello, I have a problem with Autoplay not working on a DVD drive which I have traced to the installation of the Intel Rapid Storage driver. This is on a new build computer (Asus Hero VIII) and the driver was installed from the motherboard support DVD. When the installation of the drivers was...
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    Autoplay does not work on DVD drive but OK with USB flash drive

    Hello, I have built a new computer using a Hero VIII motherboard and installed Windows 7 Pro 64bit (OEM) onto a SM951 M2 drive. Computer spec:- Asus Hero VIII Motherboard, Intel 6700K 16 Gbyte Ram Samsung SM951 M2 drive for OS 2 off Asus DRW-24F1MT drives 2 off Seagate 2TByte HD's Sandisk...
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    Print Spooler Failed to load a plug in module - Windows 7 with IE11 & Office 2003 only

    I have noticed a strange error in Event Viewer relating to printing, which only occurs when printing from IE11 or Office 2003. Every time I print a document form either of those two programs two identical errors are produced in the Event Viewer as below:- The print spooler failed to load a...
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    Software problems on Triple Channel Memory systems.

    Has anyone had any problems with running software on systems equipped with Triple Channel memory ? I currently have a program that will not install on my main PC running Windows 7 Pro 64bit with an Intel i7 960 CPU (Bloomfield Core) with Asus P6X58D Premium Motherboard and 6 Gbyte of triple...
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    Problem Installing AutoCAD 2014 LT - Installer fails.

    Have tried their help service but getting nowhere. Is it possible the error could be due to the computer having triple channel RAM ? I had another program (An animated GIF creator) that would work perfectly on my laptop running Windows 7 Home which had dual channel RAM. The same program would...
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    Problem Installing AutoCAD 2014 LT - Installer fails.

    Tried that and it still fails as before.
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    Problem Installing AutoCAD 2014 LT - Installer fails.

    I have been trying to install AutoCAD LT 2014 from DVD but the installer fails with the message "the autocad installer terminated due to an unexpected error". The only way to close the program then is to use Task Manager to close the program as it is not responding. The computer is running...