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    Win 8 - how to delete all non-needed stuff?

    You've already asked the question in another sub-forum. This thread will be closed now. :)
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    SOLVED How do I get rid of the extra "junk" on my new W8 ASUS computer?

    Go and use PC Decrappifier. Very good program to clean out all the crapware loaded at the factory.
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    Why is microsoft so foolish as to use ....

    Amen Brother! Amen! :beer:
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    problems installing win 7 on a win 8 machine

    First of all, there was no reason to flash the BIOS to an earlier version. It doesn't matter to the operating system at all. Now some BIOS updates from a few years ago were necessary for a Windows 7 install, but not any longer. Also, no BIOS update is usually OS specific. How are you doing...
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    SOLVED Latest Flash Player update

    Always get the latest Adobe Flash player from their website.
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    W7 is asking for a product key

    Both of you should have legitimate product keys when you purchased your copy of Windows 7. Why are you asking for help on product keys? WE DO NOT supply them, nor do we condone anything illegal regarding the installations of Windows 7. IF you're asking for product keys, then we must assume on...
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    W7 is asking for a product key

    Well... do you have a genuine Windows 7 Professional product key with the COA label? Is your computer a store bought or a home build? Do you have a sticker attached to your computer case or one one the DVD retail case? Give us some more information please. Most of us here cannot read minds...
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    2 questions please , about installing Windows 7 SP1 64bit

    I'm glad you got it working for you! Now you'll be able to install Windows 7 much faster with the USB Tool rather than waiting about 15 minutes. Most of my installs using the USB Tool take about 6-8 minutes from start to initial desktop view. If you need anything else, let us know. ~Nibs
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    2 questions please , about installing Windows 7 SP1 64bit

    You may have had a glitch. It sometimes happens with USB flash drives. You can download a tool called SD Formater. What it does is a clean wipe of the drive and sets it back to specs. In addition, the drive must be formatted to NTFS, not FAT32. The tool does it as part of the process of...
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    Going to be leaving the forum.

    So you're leaving us? Windows 8 is your new love now? I hope you enjoy it. I personally don't think it's going to be that big of a change as Windows 7 was compared to XP & Vista. It doesn't have anything that really interests me. Basically I believe it's geared more toward those users...
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    2 questions please , about installing Windows 7 SP1 64bit

    Use the Windows USB tool to do the conversion to the USB flash drive. Google it you'll find it. The answer to #2 is no. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I apologize... I should have given you the link the Windows7-USB-DVD-tool to create your own bootable USB Flash...
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    Icon in System Tray says Not Connected when user obviously is

    TM - Have you gone to the "Network and Sharing Center" and choose the "Connect or Disconnect" option?
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    SOLVED Set Maximum Memory to Zero

    Sounds like you may have to do a new clean install of the operating system to really clear things up. You've been messing with this for several days now and no results. Either that or do a repair with the install DVD.
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    Saying Hi to all the old hands.

    Well Mychael... it's mighty fair dinkum of you to say Howdy! You have been missed around here. :cool:
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    SOLVED Windows 7 Ultimate Startup Time

    I am NOT a fan nor do I encourage others to use UEFI BIOS motherboards. There are too many problems and issues with them. They're not perfected yet either. The conventional BIOS on motherboards is much more stable and less prone to BSOD issues.