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    Several windows 7 problems

    Erratic operation often points to power supply problems. Specifically, electrolytic capacitors dry out over time and become defective. There was a period of time where defective electrolytic caps were being manufactured from a stolen formula that was incorrect. For more information, please check...
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    Please help a confused geezer!

    I would avoid using Windows backup and obtain a copy of EaseUS todo Backup Workstaton. Several years ago, I was able to receive this software free of charge by signing up for a credit card. To the best of my knowledge, the promo credit card deal no longer exists. I've had flawless results using...
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    dvd -r burning

    I suggest you get a copy of ImgBurn. It has an excellent Icon menu of various tasks you can do.
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    Microsoft office

    I suggest everyone ditch MS and get a free copy of Open Office 4.01. I use Excel extensively and after upgrading to Win7, my copy of Office 2000 was not compatible. Apache Open Office 4 simply calls it "Spreadsheet" and is very similar to Excel. There are minor differences but they are easily...
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    disk formatting impacts

    Re: have any negative impacts on hard drive None that I can think of because they're not like a rewritable DVD with a limited number of surfaces. When you format, use NTFS.
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    Unable to access E:(RAW)

    After entering disk management, right click on E and select DELETE. It should then say Unallocated. Next, establish a primary partition as NTFS and format. If that fails, I would backup all the data on the drive, delete all partitions, and start over. Also, since you got a "can't access disk"...
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    Assign fixed drive letter to card readers/USB ports?

    Plug your SD card or USB flash drive into the USB port. Right click COMPUTER > Manage > Disk Management. Right click your item and select "change drive letter & path". Assign a drive letter that is not already assigned by Windows. Next, click on COMPUTER. Under removable storage, right click...
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    Trying to transfer from a problem drive to a new on, problems, help!

    Re: and tried to copy the bad drive (drive D -S-ATA Gen3, 6 Gbps) to the new one (drive E - S-ATA Gen3, 6 Gbps) to replace it You're best bet is to clone drive D to your new replacement drive. The best way to do that is to get a copy of EaseUS Workstation 2. Alternately, you can create an image...
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    Setup hanging at "Starting Windows" screen

    I would start by making sure the motherboard in question and all the installed cards and memory are compatible. Check to see if your version of Win7 is for 32-bit or 64-bit motherboard & processor chip. Also, you can remove items one-by-one and substitute other hardware and repeat your test. Did...
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    How to create system partition

    I would try deleting the partitions on drive C so it becomes "unallocated". Then go into the BIOS and set your optical drive is first boot item. Then put your Win7 OEM install disk into the drive and re-start the computer. Since you have no OS installed on your machine, you'll have to place your...