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    You CAN use VISTA Windows Mail in W7

    Just an update, yes that works and the storage folder is in the same place as Vista. That was easier than I thought!
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    You CAN use VISTA Windows Mail in W7

    Thank you for this!!! Is there a way that I can import my old e-mails over using this method? If I try to import/export the messages from the file menu it will only let me do it to another application. If I copy them over to the Windows Mail data in the user AppData/Local folder would that do...
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    Windows 7 Beta 1 Opens

    It looks like Microsoft have officially opened up Beta testing this morning for some lucky people: It looks like the rest of us might have to wait till mid January for the main beta testing to open up to the public.
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    How much will Windows 7 cost?

    Do you think I'll be able to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista to Windows 7? I've only got the Vista "upgrade" version which lets me go from XP > Vista, I don't know if I can upgrade an upgrade?
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    Hello all!

    Hi WindowsSe7en! :ciao:
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    Guided Tour of the Windows 7 Taskbar

    Is the version you have stable enough to use on a primary machine? :) Once the beta comes out I'm going to try running it in Virtual PC I think.
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    Are you going to upgrade to Windows 7 right away?

    Like the title says, are you going to upgrade to Windows 7 as soon as it comes out? I'm more and more tempted to now if the improvements go beyond cosmetics - so my answer might change when the beta arrives ;)
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    First Look at Windows 7

    That is a huge improvement over those first screenshots you posted! I'm so excited about trying the Beta out now!!! :cool:
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    Boot Times

    I normally put my PC into hibernation mode, so it's only about 10 seconds to resume my windows session. It doesn't take any more power and means you can continue working where you left off :)
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    Your favorite all time game?

    I saw the Far Cry 2 thread, and it's been a while since I bought a game so I checked out some reviews on it. Not my sort of game, but it got me thinking ;) What's your all time favourite PC game? Mine would have to be the first Red Alert game, closely followed by Dungeon Keeper. I still...
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    Which browser do you use?

    I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see which browser we all use, as I'd guess that most of us on the forum are quite technical and have tried all the big ones. My primary browser is FF3, and has been FireFox for years. :rock: Don't get me wrong, I like IE8... just not as much ;)
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    Windows 7 Beta Tester

    Got this now :) Pick me, pick me :lol: If anyone gets accepted can they post back here please?
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    Windows 7 Beta Tester

    Is there any way I can become a Windows 7 beta tester? I've looked around for ways to get on the beta list, but I can't find a way. There are lots of links to, but this page doesn't seem to be active any more. Does anyone know what can be done to apply?