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    product key port royal 3

    helloe , does any body know the product key of port royal 3 , version plz any help would be thankfull
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    Backup problem

    helloe . man try to make a restore to your computer , there is two type of restore: the recommanded and unrecommended . you should remember the date when this folder disappear and make the restore to that date . or use the recommanded one , that will help you..... and for the backup problem ...
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    List of commands for w7

    hey guys i have some cmd commands for you . who have more expLanation about this command should post it please , because i need more information about it : ASSOC: Displays or modifies file extension associations. ATTRIB: Displays or changes file attributes. BREAK: Sets or clears extended CTRL+C...
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    cmd command

    i need to know how to train on cmd commands without risking to my pc softwar and programs . any help would be thankfull