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    Thermal Interface Material

    does the TIM break down over time. i have a core temp program that tells what the temperature of processor is. lately it has been running higher than it use to. it use to be 46c to 50c, now it showing at 50c to 56c. 70c is critical temp.
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    Is a 64-bit Windows 7 quicker than 32-bit in itself, as an OS?

    not looking in the bios. its in system properties.
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    Is a 64-bit Windows 7 quicker than 32-bit in itself, as an OS?

    i have the 32bit installed. it does perform better with the 32bit. i had people say to install the 64bit get the benifit of using 4gb of ram. my nieghbor has a HP AMD A6 processor with 32bit home premium, 6gb of ram, his shows to be using 25% of the 6gb 75% is left for his use. i keep asking him...
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    Is a 64-bit Windows 7 quicker than 32-bit in itself, as an OS?

    Train, i have a 32bit OS, 3gb of ram, 25% of the 3gb is used for system, 75% 2.75gb is for my use. i can upgrade to 4gb. i have both DVD's 32bit/64bit of the OEM System Builder Pack. the 64bit booted slower, the 32bit boots up faster. my processor is a 64 bit capable. its a AMD Athlon 64. the...
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    Add on failed to run

    having hard time capturing that message, when i try using snip it to capture it, it disappears.
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    IE9 confirmed safest browser - again!

    thats what i keep saying to people Digerati, i read a lot of threat blogs, everyone of them says using any other browser puts you at risk with hackers, malware, adware and such. microsoft has come a long way in developing internet explorer. one of the biggest problem i seen people do when they...
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    SOLVED optical mouse on carpet, is it ok to do???

    i have both optical and laser, the laser will work on any surface. even shag carpet. the optical has to have a smooth surface to work.
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    Acer Laptop Screen Problems

    not to intrude here, sounds like the brightness control is shorting out.
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    Accidentally saved files to 'Users' folder

    do you another user account. i just saved files in user folder and deleted them to see what your experiencing. i dont have another account on mine.
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    which is the best anti-virus?

    showing how little resources is being used with Microsoft Security Esstential and having all security on Internet Explorer. thats very little being used for having just a 1600 mhz single core processor.
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    SOLVED a friends computer.

    installed new 500 watt psu along with ccc 12.8 and hydravision, working now.
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    Can't find right driver for Sony Vaio Laptop

    before you upgraded to windows 8, did you run upgrade advisory to see what it said needed to be upgraded to install win8. or are asking on about internet explorer 9.
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    SOLVED After clean install mouse (driver?) has unwanted extra features

    doesnt it usually mean by large circle the program is not responding. cause i get two types of circles, a small one and large one, the large circle only comes up when program stops responding.
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    SOLVED Had a call today from "Microsoft" - Yeah Right! Beware!

    i would of said i dont own a computer.
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    which is the best anti-virus?

    this is how processor and ram im using with MSE and IE9. and i have two browser tabs open.