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    Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

    No but splitting a file into smaller pieces and downloading each piece at the same time then putting it back together is basically what this program does. It's much faster because of the splitting it does.
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    Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

    DAP is a very handy tool. I have used it and still use it today. It integrates easily with Chrome and Firefox. Not sure about IE and the other browsers though. If you have a slow download speed than this is the program you need. It can download a 500 MB file in less than 3 minutes. Compared to...
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    SOLVED Good External HD

    Oh my bad. I mustn't have read that article right. Thanks for the correction :)
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    SOLVED My first question about win 7

    Look at this forum. You see the sub forums inside the main one? It's the same with folders. Each folder inherits the parent permissions from the main folder. :)
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    Freeware Suggestion Thread

    Yes I have used it and currently have it installed. It's a great program. It syncs with Explorer and has it's own menu in the Context Menu. If you right click on a file then hover on Axcrypt in the menu you will see you can: Encrypt, Encrypt a copy, Encrypt to EXE and some other stuff. But those...
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    SOLVED Good External HD

    Seagate is a good brand to go with. They can be pricey but their SSD's have served me for the last 5 years and haven't had an issue once. I think newegg has some lying around. I'll have a look later.
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    Freeware Suggestion Thread

    Truecrypt or Axcrypt. Both are free encryption programs. Both are easy to use and are great for making sure that no one can access your data. I personally have used both and still use them today. I will post their websites in a sec
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    Hi guys. I'm Luke127. I am glad to be on this forum! I have a degree in Operating Systems and I am working on Server and Networking stuff now. I live in Australia and I love technology. But please do not mistake my post count for my knowledge. Because if you get to know me you will find I am...
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    GFX Team ?

    Not just GFX mods but also sections. Anyone who wants to make art could have what I call a "shop" in the section called Shops. The shop acts as a show room and a place for people to request, You could also have SOTWs or Signature Of The Week votes where the artists make an image and post it in...
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    Oracle specifically designed VB or Virtual Box for testing buggy OS's or software, So if it does stuff up it won't harm your main OS in anyway. I use VB myself although I use Unix and Linux.
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    SOLVED Ad Block for Chrome Browser

    hey guys. Do you have ads all over every website you visit?? Maybe you just dislike the ads on youtube. Well I am hre to say that this little ad on for chrome GETS RID OF EVERY AD!! I'm telling you it's absolutely amazing. There's a similar ad on for firefox. Although I do not know of one for IE...