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    Microphone for game only works WHEN Skype is running

    This problem occur once in my PC too. At that time I have uninstalled my sound driver & install it again after a reboot & My problem was solved. Implement this technique once, may be yours problem get solved too.
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    How to improve visual clarity of my computer

    Is it ethical? I mean is there any adverse effect on speed of our CPU?
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    SOLVED Home » Windows 7 , Install & Uninstall How to Backup & Restore Windows 7 Activation

    Yeah! Great tips. Few days back I am also facing this problem but at that time I didn't know these tips & tactics. So that I lost my data :( but in future I will use this tips for backup.
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    Does ANYONE know how this customization was done? and how it can be undone?

    Yes a pack of theme was installed in your computer & get selected automatically. This problem occurs with me also. To resolve this go to personalize option in right click & select the default theme if exist there. If not then go to control panel & see carefully which software consist theme pack...
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    SOLVED Help to improve speed of my PC

    Your way of describing compelled me to consider you as a expert. Will you please tell me the ways by which we can make our computer virus free & perform faster.
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    Windows 7 Install After XP

    It was shown by default my friend & I don't think their is any option to step up on boot window.
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    SOLVED memory upgrade

    Yeah you can use secondary RAM. Don't forget adding multiple RAM are subject to speed up the speed of computer & this goal can be achieved if you add another RAM of same speed.