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    ALC662 Non-Distorting Driver Needed!

    Hey guys~ I know Shintaro is actively trying to help with this .. but I thought I might add something to see if it helps. ( I Did this with my onboard network card and it worked. to get the manufactures drivers to install I actually had t get the drivers from my Motherboard Manufacturer site...
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    logitech keyboard?

    To TM~ No I don't have that particular keyboard.. sorry if it was assumed that I did .. I DID read what you referenced from the Logitech forum. What it seems like is that the K260 .. is a "combo set" (according to the Logitech site by searching for it on their site) . It appears ( as you...
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    logitech keyboard?

    Jimbo~ Regarding your Logitech keyboard.. If you have the Set Point software installed from Logitech(which I would recommend and I doesn't use a lot of resources) you can set the 'functions' of the hot keys. under "My Keyboard"settings. For mine I have it set for MS Outlook (granted im also...
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    Mozilla firefox has no icon to start email program.........

    bnewt~ Try this or this OR a more recent post ***Note I personally don't use Firefox for other than checking website creation compatibility...
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    Help with search engine hijacker.

    Greetings~ If I may provide some help here as well :) There IS a program (other than the one Trainableman has suggested .. which by the way are all good programs and he gives SOLID advice) The one I will suggest is "a bit" on the "techie side of things" but if you have the right people...
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    MFC70.DLL is missing from computer!

    Essoman~ Quite a few things things could cause this error.. Everything from Uninstalling a program or a driver to a possible malware/virus infection.. I'm sure other will chime in here with links and such to help with (if it is the case) malware/virus removal. I would suggest a couple...
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    Best Free Anti-virus

    Hello ~ Personally .. I would SUGGEST .. Avast.. HOWEVER, MSE IS a good bit of software ... It's a light software ALTERNATIVE to 3rd party(Norton, mcafee, etc.) software .. And yes .. take iSafe 'Out by its toenails" so to speak .. TM has it right ;) ~LoneWolf
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    SOLVED Crash on wake from sleep

    TM~ Thanks for the back up ;) I was actually just "spit balling" BUT it seened like the right aspect .. as I have had that happen my self on not just my computers but also for clients .. Thanks again :) ~LoneWolf
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    SOLVED Crash on wake from sleep

    Hello~ After reading and re reading this ... I got me wondering .. if you have tried these disregard. ajp- You said: "I checked for BIOS updates, I'm on the latest." -Did you check within the BIOS to see what "level" of sleep or hibernate it's set to ?? And ALSO what will allow...
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    SOLVED Need ASMedia USB 3 Host Controller Drivers?

    Regent~ Glad you got the problem solved . Happy computing :) ~LoneWolf
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    pagefile.sys too big?

    Page File Forest.lawn~ You page file is .. in simple terms .. where things are saved while being run to alleviate the stress on you hard drive OR memory .. OR your CPU.. This site explains it a bit better. It is geared to mostly older versions of Windows .. but I believe it still stands...
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    Several Blue Screens

    Dyox~ Can you be more specific as to WHAT GAMES you are working with ?? Per you Mem test ( for 17 hours and 15 passes... and passing) that would seem to be ok.. ~LoneWolf
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    SOLVED Need ASMedia USB 3 Host Controller Drivers?

    Regent~ that Will ALSO depend... Yes you will lose speed .. that is an obvious given ..... (USB 3.) has been tested time and time again to be about 2 to 3 times as faster as USB 2.0 which is also system dependent) BUT that also will depend on WHAT you are transferring.. Since you said...
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    Installing Abby finereader on win 7 x64

    Angeleye~ What type (make and model ) of printer/scanner do you have ?? The reason I ask, is on some occasions the printer/scanner software you get with it will have the file/program you need to covert the scanned image/document to a PDF. I know with my printer (Kodak ESP3250) it...
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    SOLVED Need ASMedia USB 3 Host Controller Drivers?

    TM~ I did some research regarding "native" USB support in Win 7. It SEEMS that some have had some good luck with it "direct out of the box" other have said that it takes the service pack . The opinions are "across the board" depending on where you look. Some say yes .. some say no...