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    Re-establishing OEM Key Codes

    I went through the steps to try to install Windows 10 back on to my computer this morning. Everyone one told me that when it asked for a product key to just skip over this and after the install the program would activate online. Problem is that when I got to the spot where it ask for the product...
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    This is a second post to an earlier post. If your computer was purchased with Windows 7 ultimate on it and it crashes, do I first have to re-establish the Windows 7 Ultimate on it before I can upgrade to Window 7?
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    Re-establishing OEM Key Codes

    I purches my Windows 7 computer from a retail store. Well, when I upgraded to Windows 10, it crashed. I am now just trying to get back my Windows 7 Ultimate that I purchased with my computer but am being routed to all the wrong places and giving conflicting answers every where. Please Help!!