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    not bad lol, and no i wasn't aware of it >.>
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    what happens to w7forums when windows 8 comes out!? o.0 are you guyz planning on keeping w7forums and also hosting a new site with w8forums as the domain, i'm very confused.
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    Python Knowledge Test

    rofl, ya real pythons are pretty cool too :}
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    i hope he's doing okay and comes back soon, it's been 4ever since i got a chance to chat with him :(
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    Your first operating system?

    windows 98 when i was 10 or something
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    Python Knowledge Test

    Hey guyz hopefully you remember me it's been a really (really really) long time since my last appearance >.> well i'm back to help out n stuff and i would even like to present ya with a little trivia quiz i wrote regarding the python programming language. so if you're into python as ravenously...
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    Windows Live Messenger 2011

    my advice, never buy into any kinda hype. i suggest a downgrade to something you're more comfortable with. if it is essential that you upgrade to 2011 then perhaps a way of receiving faster and more precise assistance would be to consult with the WLM help center directly at...
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    SOLVED Fake Microsoft Security Essentials software on the loose. Don’t be fooled by it!

    funny thing is, i was surfing the malware domain list and came across this one a little while ago... it's interesting to say the least. It seems that there are a lot of fake antivirus programs going around. as of right now it accounts for ~9-12% of the incidents people bring to me.
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    Hello from Greece

    hello shadow man
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    Can Virtual Machines use express cards?

    There is no FireWire pass-through support... i think
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    The biggest Pirate of Windows 7 revealed!

    oh yea forgot to mention that one too lol
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    The biggest Pirate of Windows 7 revealed!

    Only noobs use Linux for hacking :p But a different OS for different ppl so idk man. If Windows 7 works the best for you, then by all means use it. As for my opinion on Windows most stable and fastest operating system, personally I think that award goes to XP
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    The biggest Pirate of Windows 7 revealed!

    You can do everything Windows can do and More with Linux, I can play any Windows game on my Linux distro. Also about your ignorant comment regarding Linux as shell only, Linux has migrated towards using Desktop Environments that are easier and more useful then the Windows Desktop. Don't make...
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    The biggest Pirate of Windows 7 revealed!

    LOL, dude Linux IS already better then windows 7, there is no point of installing windows 7 let alone steal it. That said, Microsoft wants you to pay for pretty much everything and would never condone or endorse pirating. Windows 7 does have it's place, but I don't think it is a real replacement...
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    What is Microsoft's answer to Google Apps?

    Hey I don't think you are looking at things the right way. I do in fact have quite a bit of experience with technology to speak of, I used to hate Microsoft but this of course was a mistake. Why should you hate something if it has something to offer? I now take what I need from all the software...