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    Internet really slow on Windows?

    For some reason. downloading files on Windows is horrifically slower than any other operating system via my Nexus 5 tether. Why is this? Liam
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    'Select Network Type' window always shows?

    For some reason, whenever my computer connects to my WiFi (Nexus 5 Tether), the select network type always appears. The network name on the dialog has an increasing number after it, starting with no number, then going to 1, 2 etc. Liam
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    HP is selling computers preinstalled with Win 7 again.

    Can't get better than that, should've been like this from the start.
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    gradually a dead town?

    It does look a bit bare, but hey - people have lives, and @Ian is correct - people are moving to Windows 8 (my school has upgraded to Windows 8!). Liam
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    SOLVED Gravatar

    Working now :)
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    What's up with the generic replies on the official Windows help forums

    I like stake exchange, you just need to know which questions are going to be deleted. Most newbies don't know that a question isn't a good fit for the network. Source: I'm a member of a stack exchange site with more than 5k rep ;) Also, to be on topic, I've never really used the Windows help...
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    Forum Upgrade

    Thanks :) @Ian some smilies are now just text, as they aren't default in xenForo... Could you install one (or more) or the smiley packs? Two reasons: It'll probably mean that the missing smilies in posts are no longer missing [AND] People have more ways to express their emotions ;) Liam
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    What's up with the generic replies on the official Windows help forums

    Macros (or canned replies depending on what you call them) are useful when used correctly ;) However, in this case they really aren't useful, and people just use them to quickly answer as much questions as possible without actually caring about the asker's issue. I'm a Super User on the...
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    Sub forum listing issue...

    Sorry to be a pain, but I just noticed this and thought I'd better let someone know... The name is being covered by the latest post box :) Liam
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    SOLVED Account lockout question

    Ok, I answered this myself - it doesn't, which is what I wanted :) Is there a solved prefix that can be added? Liam
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    Guess I should say welcome ;)
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    SOLVED Account lockout question

    OK, I've managed to lock myself out of my laptop due to too many password attempts (the system was set to Dvorak layout, I typed QWERTY). So, I'm now locked out for 45,60 or 120 minutes (I can't remember what I set it to). What I'm wondering is, will the timer start again if I type my password...
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    SOLVED Gravatar

    Hmm, I still can't see the Gravatar option in the Avatar setting overlay: Comparing it to another xF forum: (I personally love the fact you can paste images directly. Cuts out a step when using the snipping tool ;))
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    New Forum Software

    I'm all over the internet, but yes I'm also a member of admin-talk... I need to get my avatar uploaded...
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    New Forum Software

    Oh yes, don't get me wrong on that. I'm just saying some sites are using vB5 :) I've been using xF for a while now, before that I was on vB4. I got vB4 when it had been out for a while already, so I didn't know about anything else...