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    Disk Partitioning Help

    I have Win 7 Pro installe on a drive with a single partition. I want to add Win 10 to the same drive so that I can dual-boot the machine and choose which OS I want to use. This means that I have to add a bootable partition to the drive (plenty of room to do that). I need SPECIFIC instructions...
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    Windows 7 and Tax Preparation Software

    Thanks for your reply. Turbotax requirements (confirmed by a phone call) says that Windows 8 and up are the required OS's for their 2020 tax year program. TT worked for my 2019 taxes, but probably won't even install on a Win 7 platform. I switched to TT last year because HR Block requirements...
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    Windows 7 and Tax Preparation Software

    Running Windows 7 Professional. I have been using H&R Block and TurboTax software (NOT the online versions) for several years to prepare my taxes. However, since the demise of Microsoft support for Windows 7, these programs will no longer work with this OS. My preference is definitely not to...