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    Bought a domain... now what?

    my site is hosted with 30$ a year only 1gb bandwith though , you can host a site your self but need very good internets lol, nas units can be setup as a webserver too. just my input
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    Your first operating system?

    windows 95 with a broken mouse :D
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    How many countries have you visited?

    Do you reckon driving from the east coast to Perth in a smart car would be fun..... LOL :)
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    How many countries have you visited?

    This place is pretty awesome lol XD ;)
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    Swap meet thread?

    And like you could put it in a format like this: WINDOWS VISTA SP1 [International] GIGABYTE ga-8i915p duo + 3ghz pentium 4 + nvidia 7900GT [Aus only]...
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    Swap meet thread?

    I was on a forum the other day and they have a thread where users can sell and buy things from each other at their own risk, but i have personally bought things from people on that forum (I played it safe and went through paypal). And i was thinking, could this forum do the same thing? and if...
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    Rear projection tv- when i play my snes/ps1

    hi all, I got a 52" LG rear projection tv (it uses guns not a lcd/dlp projector) and the colours are fine except when i play something in "low res" like my ps1 or my snes, the colours in the top left of the screen split like on oldskool 3d-i've gone into the menu and done a convergence setup...
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    $30 per year good for a domain and hosting?

    I built my website with and finally decied to get a "real" website address, $30/peryear and 1gb bandwith a month all hosted on their server.. You any one say that was too much I'm new to all this website buliding stuff. My new website name is , i would be very greatful...
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    Your first operating system?

    windows 95
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    Toshibat loop satellite L510 reboot loop

    try restoring to factory settings again, did you use a recovery disk you made or did you boot straight into restore mode??
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    any way to convert limited user to admin

    is there a way t make a non admin user on win 7 in to a admin with out going through a admin acount, jjust interested if its possible. thanks in advance :)
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    Google has SSL

    hi all, dont know if this has been posted b4 but google now has an SSL version in BETA here
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    laptop power issues-sparks come out

    i dont think it sparks whith the battery out but ill double check (halfway through a download atm) when i connect the power to the laptop the light goes orange: Charging, Blue: Charged then white: which suggests no-battery/error.. when i bought the laptop for $1600 i was assured it was new but...
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    laptop power issues-sparks come out

    hi all, i have a hp 550 laptop and my charger broke, and the battery was flat for 3 weeks or so.. i got a universal charger off eebay, it ran the laptop but didnt charge, i fixed my broken charger and every time i plug it into the laptop it has sparks coming out of the dc power connector on...
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    Help with air con.

    hi all , quick question what is the shredded up wood thats in evaporative air conditioners?? thanks in advance