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    Change Default Colour of selected items

    Friends, I want to change the selection colour from default blue to my choice. When we select any folder or drive by clicking once it gets selected and the background colour is blue. I want to change that colour. So please help me to guide about how to do it? please reply me as soon as...
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    Some sugeestion about Menu Unistaller S/W

    So ny1 else knws nything bout dis s/w or nt???? If yes den plz do rpl me!!!!!!! Thnk u..... :)
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    Some sugeestion about Menu Unistaller S/W

    Ok ok.... So thnx 4 the help man..... thnk u... :cool:
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    Some sugeestion about Menu Unistaller S/W

    ya.... During the first phase of installation it is asking me to install babylon toolbar or something tike that..... So according 2 u whether it is recomendable or not????? so whether it is fake or nt???? :confused:
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    Some sugeestion about Menu Unistaller S/W

    Hey frndss i jus heard nd read in 1 of d blog dat der is a s/w named "Menu Uninstaller" dat is used to uninstall any program vry easily...... by using dis s/w one's right click context menu get d tab "uninstall" so by using dat 1 cn easily uninstall ny s/w... Bt wen i tried to install it is...
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    Errors in my win 7 Home basic

    Frndss plz help me.... when i start my lappy den ftr sum couple of minutes 1 small screen gets appeared in which windows installer is written... it will blink for about 3-4 times nd den it vil disappear...... Again aftr some tym d same procedure gets repeated.... Some times it is showing me...