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    Hardware Acceleration is either deactivated or unsupported. Acer Aspire

    You need to install a graphics driver... go here and input either of the requested info to find the specific video driver for your machine and install that!
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    Motherboard ?

    Whichever ya want! It especially depends on which games you have or want, since AMD and NVIDIA offer completely different game bundles at the moment... specially marked AMD cards have BF4 for instance.
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    Watching youtube causes bsod

    Your specs are not possible. That CPU won't fit in, let alone work in a P67 motherboard.
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    Motherboard ?

    If all you want is better game performance, then I'd definitely suggest a GPU upgrade instead of a new motherboard!
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    gradually a dead town?

    I admit I don't regularly check on these forums, but I do still drop by! Ian is certainly right on his comment. Windows 7 will become the next "Windows XP" in the sense of largest install base + holdouts that refuse to upgrade further (for lack of need to, or any other reason). So even though...
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    Motherboard ?

    If you are simply upgrading, what do you hope to gain from a new motherboard? Unless it has a feature or something specific that your current one does not, you won't see a performance increase from just buying a newer chipset or higher-end motherboard. For gaming performance, you'd be better off...
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    Switching Between SSD And Hard Drive Issues

    Hmm, old thread... Steam is one program where you must install it to the same drive that you will be housing your games on. So if you have Steam installed to your SSD then you must uninstall it first and reinstall it to the hard drive (or move it, but that will take longer and some googling to...
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    How do I connect to the TV with HDMI?

    If you try the Detect button with the HDTV already turned on and connected via HDMI, does it still not detect it? If so then it MAY be a defective port or cable however unlikely that is. With the HDTV connected and turned on, I'd suggest checking the Device Manager for any problem-marked...
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    SOLVED activation trial version

    If you entered a key then yes, Windows will automatically attempt to activate it after a few days. If you want to take advantage of the 30 day trial then simply don't enter any key at all when prompted to do so.
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    How do I connect to the TV with HDMI?

    The most likely reason is that you simply haven't enabled the HDTV in your Windows 7 graphics drivers. What video card is in the machine? Since it's new you will probably want to update your GPU drivers anyway. For NVIDIA cards, the HDTV is not automatically enabled. YOU must enable it within...
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    Windows 7 outpacing Windows 8 adoption

    Dell offers WIn 7 on some systems, but not all of them and uses Win 8 as the default. Something I read actually made me realize there's a more likely culprit.. The numbers are probably the result of businesses upgrading old XP machines. Businesses are just now migrating en mass away from XP...
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    Advanced Bios page is blank

    What brand and model is it? I'd suggest you use the jumper to reset the BIOS back to defaults to see if that helps anything. On modern boards most manufacturers will let you stick a BIOS update onto a USB drive and update directly from that, but you will need to check the manual for your...
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    Windows 7 outpacing Windows 8 adoption

    This one should get a chuckle from Windows 7 users... Even with my personal bias I do find the stats surprising. Consumers haven't had the option of buying Windows 7 in most brick & mortar stores for...
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    Microsoft tells Windows 7 users to uninstall faulty security update

    Yeah, it may actually explain some weird program behavior I experienced initially, then again I'm not entirely sure. I don't use Kaspersky or Sophos AV. I did notice that if you search for 2823324 instead of KB2823324, the update search won't find it.
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    Microsoft tells Windows 7 users to uninstall faulty security update

    Full details at the link: To find out (and remove) the update users should go to the Programs & Features window. In the top left area there's a link for "View Installed Updates". Once...