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    Yet Another Cleaner

    Anyone use this newly released free antivirus? Recently a few people around people start using this freeware, they refereed it as one of these decent free antivirus tools. Just wondering if anyone has a chance to try this software, and if what your thoughts are on it. Its official site is...
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    Help to Remove babylon toolbar

    I'm having bad luck these days. Weird things happens and my pc browsers is hijacked by babylon toolbar yesterday. I don't know when it's installed cos i even did not install anything for months. I tried to uninstall it, but no luck, it will come back soon. The other day someone in yahoo answers...
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    Best Free Anti-virus

    Free anti-virus is always worthy. you do not click misleading links from unknown site or ads, do not install bad software, then you will not infected with virus.
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    installing windows 7 32 bit on Asus EEEpc 1015cx blue screen

    reboot and install a new win 7:) it's easier
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    Best Free Anti-virus

    Nope, i will not buy any charged anti-virus software, will not waste money on it. all these years i have been running free antivirus and nothing significant happens.
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    Best Free Anti-virus

    Thanks for your remind and resources:D. I do not know iSafe is a keylogger and it works well so far. Maybe i should removed it if i found anything wrong with it.
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    Best Free Anti-virus

    Do you have any good free anti-virus? Share here so we all can enjoy best free virus clean service:o . My favorite free ones are avast and iSafe free virus removal tool. Also heard microsoft security essentials performs great.
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    website font

    oops, i can not figure out what language it is. you can try google translate
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    Reinstall W7 Pro

    i also want an english version, the question: is the system already activated? I don't want to be blocked someday:o