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    Blue screen of deadth halmacpi.dll and nkrnlpa.exe on windows 7 32 bit

    i think i fixed it may friend said to change some ram setting or something like that in BIOS and changed them and now about 3 days i have no BSOD :)
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    Blue screen of deadth halmacpi.dll and nkrnlpa.exe on windows 7 32 bit

    i dont see any way how to fix BSOD all drivers updated ,MSE antivirus and i have checed other things please help me to resolve it does it really is dameged Ram and i need to buy a new one and i have posted memory dump file
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    I really dont know what this is! :(

    I think its probably your video card try to update video card drivers if it wont help buy a new one
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    BSOD on startup every once in a while

    I suggest you to press start write in "msconfig" go to startup and uncheck all items and apply
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    BSOD while playing BF3

    crash was caused by the directx portion of your video driver. I would re-install the newest version as indicated. When upgrading your graphic driver you MUST remove all traces of the current driver so update your graphic card driver and download and install direct x 11!
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    No sound on Toshiba laptop

    uninstall old sound driver and update to newer version and scan pc for virusis
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    PFN List Corrupt error sfc /scannow in cmd (as administrator) CHKDSK /f /r in cmd (as administrator) 3. update all your drivers you can use driver scanner it will update and install all yor drivers 4. scan pc for virusis start and click devices and printers and check if there are warning sign! post...
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    BSOD while gaming (Page Fault In Nonpaged Area)

    1.Update your video card drivers. Never get drivers from Windows Update 2. run sfc /scannow (as administrator) in cmd 3. run chkdsk /r /f (let it run 5 passes) in cmd as admin
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    BSOD on fresh install of Windows

    And there are many amd files that cause BSOD please update your ATI RODEON graphic card drivers and all other drivers!
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    BSOD on fresh install of Windows

    First of all you need to update all yor drivers and install all windows updates from windows update and scan your computer for virusis! And i also suggest you to run CMD as administrator and write in cmd sfc /scannow And after that in CMD run chkdsk /f and then chkdsk /r you will need to scan it...
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    Kaspersky internet security 2012 cause multiple BSOD on windows 7

    ESET is really bad antivirus because it use too much of system ram and slow down system and may cause BSOD!
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    Kaspersky internet security 2012 cause multiple BSOD on windows 7

    Kaspersky internet security cause multiple BSOD on windows 7 and there are one Kaspersky file called kl1.sys which is Kaspersky file and it seriosly demage windows 7 system drivers and other system files so it cause BSOD and system slowdown so don't use Kaspersky!
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    Gaming better on Window 7 or Window vista?

    ofcourse windows 7 and to fix game LAG use game booster
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    GTAIV Not starting at all

    maybe try to download and install gta IV update 1.0.7 with this update you don't need R* social club and it fix many problems or reinstall game.:cool:
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    random BSOD's every day bad pool header, and others

    I can't install it because in the middle of instalation i have error but how to fix BSOD's