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    SOLVED Surprise message this morning

    It is genuine..that's for sure.
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    Saying Hi to all the old hands.

    Same here. I have not been here in a long time, my machine has been running smoothly, no issues to report. Even the second laptop that my kids (14 and 11) use has no issues. Hope all is well with eveyone. Cheers, Kalario
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    SOLVED Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO Image Downloads

    Hi TM, quick question for you...when I click on the link, a window pops up askiing if I want to open or save, nothing about treating it as an image or burning. What should I do? Save in the DVD? that's it? Cheers
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    Office 2003 professional SP3 on Win7 Home

    that is correct Cliff...I am running Office 2003 pro SP3 on my W7 home edition
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    Setting up hard drives

    Thanks as usual!!!
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    Setting up hard drives

    Hey TM... How do you clone the OS drive?
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    Windows Experience Index

    Actually this is another laptop, Lenovo thinkpad x201. Above average? really? :(
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    Windows Experience Index

    Is this WEI bad? the 4.7 Index is caused by the I have to worry about this?
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    Don't that beat all!

    Hey Yodap, got get you some Gong and you'll be just fine. :D
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    Sign of the times

    I missed it :(
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    Welcome to the forum techmonkey74 :ciao:
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    #%@!?*&% heat!

    I guess I picked a good week to go on vacation (beach weather)! :D
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    Welcome to the forum Ciara!!! Maybe I can finally get a decent signature from a pro ;)
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    Water Heater Question

    I replaced mine with a tankless water heater, no more worries. Hot water on demand! Love it.