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    No More C: Drive

    I've found a solution to it, but it would indeed have probably be the easiest to physically unplug the old C drive, during Windows re-install. There's several things that went wrong, but one of them is that although the new drive has the OS (Windows, Program Files and all), the OLD drive is...
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    Can't Run, Can't Delete, Can't Own

    I understand. The files I have issues with, all come from a Zip file created on another machine. But, most files from this Zip do not have these issues.
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    Can't Format Ex-c Drive

    Re-installed Windows to switch my C and D drive, which sort of worked. Now, I would like to FORMAT the non-bootable drive, but I get the error : System partition is not allowed to be formatted. In diskmgmt.msc I see that that drive is listed having "System" as a feature. But I nowhere see an...
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    No More C: Drive

    So, I re-installed Windows 7, in order to achieve this goal: - Switch the C and the D drive - format the old C drive During install (run from non-bootable USB device), I didn't have the option to format any drive, although he did list both drives. I just installed on the correct drive, and that...
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    Can't Run, Can't Delete, Can't Own

    Thanks for the feedback. The main issue is that I can not re-own the file, as is illustrated. I thought that on itself would obviously be the biggest issue, if one is administrator. But, I would lie stating that, because I can't even RUN the file, as administrator. Not being able to delete is a...
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    Program wants to run as admin. I need it to run as user.

    If the program itself is told to require admin rights to run, you can change the owner of the executables itself, it doesn't matter, cause the requirement is inside the file. Not the properties of a file, or even a directory.
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    Misidentified drives in Explorer

    I don't the issue here, if you want your E: drive to be the C: drive, you'll need to re-install Windows. When that is done, all other drives can be what they want, while the C: drive is fixed correctly. I know of no system to re-assign from or to C: drive on a running Windows 7. Additional...
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    Windows Update

    Has it ever worked ? No, seriously ... what you need to do is this : have patience. Restart your computer, until it is solved. Every time I re-install Windows, I need to go through the cylce of installing several hundreds of changes. I NEVER works fast & easy. Every single time there are issues...
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    HD serial number, regedit key

    What if you just open the Registry, and use the text-search feature to look for a value, like the serial ID of disk C ?
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    Can't Run, Can't Delete, Can't Own

    I am running the below as the ADMINISTRATOR I have another topic with a related issue, but this specific symptom I would like to have explained. There's many hits on Google, but most of them end with: "the permanent all fixing solution is to run takeown.exe" Well, no. There is something...
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    Have CMD file eject usb drive ... and prevent Windows from making that drive available during boot

    1. you can use commands to eject drives, like remove drive.exe (Uwe Sieber - to eject external drives in the current session 2. making it non-bootable: eject has nu further effect than un-using it in the current session. When you restart Windows, it wil act as normal again...
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    SOLVED How do I find out all the processes and programs that open this file

    There's tools like ProcessExplorer and such ( Sysinternals in the past, Microsoft now) which can tell which process is using a given file
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    SOLVED Problem using SET command in CMD file

    I think I know what you are trying to do, but explaining all in pure text seems to make it harder to understand. Can you just put the exact code, or similar code ?
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    How Can I Determine The Location Of The Page File In My Computer?

    I don't think you can set these things up during installation. Just install, Windows will decide something default, and then you can adjust. The location of the settings itself should not be too hard to find.
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    cant find wait.exe

    One way to find a file is this way, start with C drive then do the same for other fixed drives: dir C:\wait.exe /S /B Are you looking for wait.exe or pleasewait.exe ? The latter doesn't seem like a normal Windows executable