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    SOLVED Windows 7 COE#

    I tried every way I knew of except cloning. I installed Vista again and would still not activate. I have four old Dell's tried all their umbers and it wouldn't work. Finally seen a old computer on Facebook that showed its COE# entered that # number and took me to microsoft activation phone...
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    Question: Can I install Windows 7 on my Windows 10 Home PC?

    I am not a expert and don't know much. So take any statements I make with a grain of salt. I have a new laptop that came fresh with Windows 10 64 bit. I have some old DOS programs I use all the time with a lot of business info. on it along with banking. I wanted to put Windows 10 32 bit on it...
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    SOLVED Windows 7 COE#

    I have a Dell 760 that originally came with Vista on it. I had a Windows7 Home Preimum that I upgraded to. Worked fine. Now my hard drive went bad and I ordered a used 500 gb off Ebay that had been wiped. Installed it and Windows 7 but it wont activate. I used the original COE#. So IL...
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    How do I copy downloads to a usb?

    How do I copy my downloads to a usb and then to a new computer? I did it a long time ago and didn't think it was a big deal. But for some reason I cant get it to work now. Seems like I just went to my downloads and went to copy, then opened the usb and then hit paste, then insert the usb in...
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    SOLVED Can I install hard drive in this computer.

    I have a Dell OptiPlex 780, Windows 7. 500 g HD. I am looking at a Dell OptiPlex 790 usff. It has had the HD removed and destroyed because it was a Govt. computer and COA sticker removed. (they recycle govt computers) What kind of problems would I run into in removing the HD from the 780...
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    SOLVED Internet explorer 11???

    I just received a Toshiba laptop that has windows 7 on it , Ultimate. It has a fresh install but when I go to certain sites (E Bay) it says does not support IE 8. Seems like I went through that some time ago with another laptopl, exactly same problem. I can't remember how I solved it, but I...