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    “?” Win7-64 & Win10 Dual Boot System

    Piece of cake to use oracle very easy to set up I put win10 on machine first tweaked it then virtual win7 But you need at least 8gig ram for it all to operate smoothly and a win7 iso file or full install disk and its free software +`
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    “?” Win7-64 & Win10 Dual Boot System

    I would suggest Oracle VM VirtualBox to run both systems If you don't want the second system just delete the virtual folders with this arrangement both systems can run on the machine together
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    Audio recording level keeps muting itself

    most unusual scan your machine for virus infections
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    Windows has detected an ip address conflict

    check ip address use terminal window start button type run(enter) cmd (enter) ipconfig at prompt on both machines..for ip address..
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    Sharing TCP/IP printer across public & private network

    found this site may be helpful
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    Older wifi card drivers destroying new card speed?

    check you have the correct software for the version number on the dongle
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    Who Is Responsible For Checking A Folder Permissions In Windows 7

    check permissions right click on folder/properties/security
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    Unable to Receive WiFI on Desktop after Power Surge or Critical Windows Update or both.

    check in device manager for the wireless controller settings if not there reinstall the wi fi settings check in services.msc that the wireless wlan auto config setting is started. if all is lost a usb wi-fi dongle will get you connected
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    Need Free Windows 7 software
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    Windows 7 crashes during browsing

    Physical Memory (MB): Total 2038 Cached 529 Available 540 not enough to run programs smoothly system will crash
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    Windows 7 crashes during browsing

    microsoft answers also check in task manager "performance" tab available memory for programs to run.On 2gig you would not have much memory available to use...
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    View thumbnails in Explorer Folders
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    Cannot install Windows 7 64 bit on laptop

    you will have to go to the laptop manufacturer's site to get the correct o.s.disks
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    Cannot connect H8-1409 to ethernet in windows 7

    have you tried here? the win8 drivers may be backward compatible for win7 Original Atheros Network Controller Driver/