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    Lines move when printing a letter from Wordpad.

    First I would look at the printer driver, make sure its correct and from the manufacturers web site Try uninstall and reinstall Also try notpad/word etc see if it still happens
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    SOLVED When and where can a Windows-7 OEM Liciense be used?

    yes The OEM licence is a bit different from others in that it purchased (normally preloaded) with the computer you buy called pre-installed. its generally pretty done for you The Windows OEM version only stays with that computer and should not be transfered if you want to transfer licences...
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    Microsoft Office word 2007 macro Problem

    Save a copy of the word doc as no macros and then save as PDF
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    Bit locker encryption locked the External Drive

    Bitlocker is doing exactly as it should crazy as that sounds, yep its a pain recovery is a day recovery key not static, so create a new recovery key its about 40 numbers as you know, and its should open or give temp access to the drive ready for an original key or recover again and you can...
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    Need to create bad sectors

    I do not think you can, to be honest, its 13 bites fail per sector and marked by the system. If this was easy I feel be open to loads of abuse for getting hardware swapped under warranty, just my opinion as I know I would That said I am sure somewhere I have read before there is some code in...
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    Laptop automatically powers on when plugged in for charging

    Dell PC and laptop use a BIOS setting called AC Power On if its selected in the radio button this will happen as it's instructed to do so Untick and it will only power up on the laptop power button Dell has different BIOS screens for different models so it's worth looking under power...
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    External DVD Drive

    What app are you trying to play them in? Also, remember most of these files are a bundle of file VOB for DVD and need all files not just one file to work Normally its best to have all file in one directory ie filmx and them play from there, VLC Media Player is quite good or Windows player, or...
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    Printer worked this morning but not now

    First steps, make sure the printer is on Cables USB / network connected correctly Make sure when printing you choose the correct printer from the drop-down options ie print sent to correct printer Print test print restart the computer - wait two mins before start Open the printer icon so you...
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    Can't get Windows to restart from sleep mode

    This one pops up from time to time, check Microsoft post on this issue
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    Program Startup

    This is most prob profile related. At the bottom ie right for the start pearl button is it all grey "greyed out" Click start pearl button nothing there You need a new profile. to do this Log is as administrator or user with full admin rights - change C | Users and change you name to...
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    Windows Updates

    Start Control Panel System and Security Turn automatic updating on or off. Also Important updates menu select Never check for updates Deselect Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates.