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    BOOTMGR error........Please help

    I am NOT qualified to answer your question, but if this happened to me, the first thing I'd try is to Run... bootrecexe /fixmbr
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    Long Live Windows 7

    As the release of Windows 10 approached, I couldn't have been more excited. When it finally appeared, I backed up 7, just in case, and installed 10. Unbelievably, I didn't like it, but figured it was just me. So I restored 7, where everything makes sense. Over time, I've tried 10 about six...
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    Can't I automatically replace corrupt system files?

    Have you tried SFC /SCANNOW?
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    PC will not Shut down, only restarts instead

    Something to try: My Computer Reboots When I tell It to Shut Down
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    PC will not Shut down, only restarts instead

    My PC wouldn't make the 'sleep' option available once. A simple OS update cured it.
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    Windows 7 will not update

    Update for Windows 7 (KB3102810) worked for my reinstall: Microsoft released a new Windows Update Client Update to fix the slow Update searching/installation problem: Installing and searching for updates is slow and high CPU usage...
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    Where can I download Windows 7

    Download Windows 7 SP1 ( x86 / x64 ) ISO files form Softpedia (I haven't tried them, just keeping a link handy)
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    Autoplay does not work on DVD drive but OK with USB flash drive

    What does your Autoplay Control Panel look like?
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    What is. Exception oxeo6d 7363

    Plenty of Googles to check at exception oxe o6d7363
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    reattach mouse feet

    Loose mouse feet are the only problem my computer doesn't have.
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    Windows 7 dual boot problem

    I have 7 and 10, on separate partitions, and there's been times when I get 10's splash screen but the loading twirly thing never appears. Usually I can just boot to 7, then restart and try 10 again. Other times, I have to boot to the 10 ISO or the MS System Repair DVD and tell them to fix 10's...
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    SOLVED Remove "Get Win 10" icon from taskbar ?

    Install GWX Control Panel.
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    taskbar icons 'gone but not gone'

    Well, my PC is over ten years old, 1GB upped to 2, born with XP, now handles w7 and w10 on separate partitions. So in my case, its age definitely affects its speed, but can at least try to keep up. Another trick, if you still have the installation DVD, is to load it while Windows is running and...
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    taskbar icons 'gone but not gone'

    Click that little upward facing arrow at the left end of your circle. Your apps might been sent up there. If so, you can drag them back to the taskbar, ot just click Customize. And, if I may add, your use of English is infinitely better than my use of Dutch.