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    JavaScript is enabled but still getting message to enable Javascript

    Hi :-( What a PITA this has become. With FF 67.0.4 this message is coming up on the Airbnb site: "We’re sorry, some parts of the Airbnb website don’t work properly without JavaScript enabled." I've checked about:config and javascript is enabled (true). Cleared the cache, cleared cookies . ...
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    Cannot delete "Avast Software" key from registry

    I have reported you for harassment.
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    How to delete "AVAST Software" key from Windows 7 Ultimate registry?

    Hi, I cannot get rid of the "AVAST Software" key from my Windows 7 Ultimate registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\AVAST Software When I click that key, I get this popup: Error Opening Key AVAST Software cannot be opened. An error is preventing this key from being opened. Details...
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    Two (2) LPT-1 ports showing in Win7Pro

    Hi! Thanks for your thoughts! The motherboard of this Acer Veriton VM4630G-i7477X pc running Windows 7 Ultimate with 32GB RAM did not have even one LPT port. I had 3 very old Okidata laser printers that were parallel-only so I needed 3 parallel ports. You are right: I do have a SIIG...
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    Cannot delete "Avast Software" key from registry

    Hi! Been trying to remove all traces of Avast from my Windows7Ultimate pc. First thing I did was to use Avast's uninstall utility. Then I searched the entire computer (C and D drives) for anything 'avast' and deleted 151 files. Then I searched the registry and deleted anything 'avast'. But...
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    Two (2) LPT-1 ports showing in Win7Pro

    Hi! I have two LPT-1 ports showing under Device Manager of my Win7Pro pc. Any printer I plug into that LPT-1 port does not work. Whats going on? What to do? Thanks!
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    Using Windows 10 Home mRemoteNG to remote into Windows 7 Pro causes tiny mouse

    Hi, I'm remoting from a Windows 10 Home laptop into my office Windows 7 Pro using mRemoteNG on the Windows 10 laptop. I get a super tiny mouse in the remote session. Back in the laptop all is fine. Its so small and annoying! Everything else is fine, but the teeny mouse is a real issue. Makes...
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    SOLVED Unable to find a "core driver package"

    It was an MS problem. And no, QB does not reach out to the printer. Did you search the vendor I encoded? It is a virtual printer installed by that vendor and IT depends on an intact "core driver package" that is part of Win7. I successfully installed the virtual printer to another Win7 pc...
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    SOLVED Unable to find a "core driver package"

    @TrainableMan Dude, 1. "Bank checks are still printed with magnetic ink so you may run in to an occasional issue using standard ink." I did not inquire about this. 2. "As for the driver you need, I would reach out to Quickbooks since it seems to be related to them." QB is not the software...
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    SOLVED Unable to find a "core driver package"

    Hi, I'm trying to install EZ Check Printing software It comes from: (company removed by moderator) This virtual printer prints checks, through QuickBooks, on blank (non-preprinted) check paper. Pretty neat. No more need to pay for pre-printed checks for multiple checking accounts. No more...
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    FireFox order of windows changes after reboot

    Hi! My system: Acer VERITON MN: VM4630G-i7477X 32GB Ram 256GB SSD program drive 1-TB HDD data drive Win7Pro 64-bit with Taskbar configuration manager "7+TaskbarTweaker" FireFox v 56.0.2 (64-bit) with FireFox extension "TabMixPlus" Problem: I normally keep five (5) FireFox windows open with a...
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    Dozens of Application Data folders nested/embedded

    While trying to delete a troublesome app (AI Suite III (3) ) I found within my User profile was Application data folder that held yet another Application data folder and another Application data folder and another Application data folder. . . Each folder was actually a shortcut. I got 23...
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    SOLVED Aisuite3 - ProgID atkexCom.axdata did not respond

    I had their latest version of AI Suite III (3) downloaded and installed in the first place. While years ago there was an uninstall tool available after an exhaustive search of filehippo and the internet I could not find it. Its talked about on the ASUS forum in discussions from years ago, but...
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    SOLVED Disk Management shows two "D" partitions: how to make into just one?

    I used GPARTED to join all partitions into one, then reloaded my backed data. All good now. End of problem, case closed!
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    Can't open Music folder sitting in my user profile

    System: Win7 Pro, ASUS B35M-E motherboard, 16GB ram, one 256GB SSD and one 1-TB HDD. I just finished doing a clean install of Win7 Pro. I successfully moved my Desktop, My Music, My Videos to my D-data drive from their default location in C:\Users\(username). But there's this one folder...