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    SOLVED Viruses through Firefox?

    There are stories of some of the FF add-ons being developed as a trojan portal but I can't say this is what's happening with you. Question, did this bug give you nonsense about your Windows firewall being offline? -JazMac
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    Is this normal?

    Can you read this? -Jazmac
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    Is this normal?

    Normal if you have the screen saver set to 1 minute and that upon waking go to the log in screen. This looks like what is happening. Right click the desktop and click Personalize. Click screen saver (lower right) then check your screen saver properties. It probably has the "On Resume, display...
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    SOLVED Can/Can't connect

    First of all, nice lappy. Can I be your grandson too? Anyway, are you sure the wireless button has the wireless card enabled? There should be an indicator of some kind to show it is on. Also, what OS are we talking about? -JazMac
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    AUTOMATIC LOGIN sometimes fails

    You get rid of Norton. Get something like Avast to manage viruses and spyware. But definately remove Norton. If you don't want to get rid of Norton, can you tell if this issue coinsides with when Norton is scheduled to update signatures and or the engine itself? MIght be a clue. -JazMac
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    BSOD error

    Are you running a released version or the 7100 beta? If you are still running the beta, every 2 hours its gonna do that until March 1, when it won't come up at all. -Jazmac
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    Reset W7 install

    If you did a WUBI installation, (install linux from inside windows) all you need to do to get rid of Linux is is go into Add Remove programs and get rid of it. If you used a partitioning utility, run the same utility and remove the partition. I use EASEUS Partition Master to manage partitions...
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    No sound, upgrade XP to 7

    Have you gone into the hardware manager, removed the yellow markers and rebooted? Sometimes, they well load up doing that. -Jazmac
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    Help, Help, Help with a unwanted pop up.

    Did you install a flash screen saver creator? Sounds like you may have. Try uninstalling that thing. In fact, get a copy of YourUninstaller 2010 and allow it to uninstall it. Just run it as a demo if you don't want to purchase it. -Jazmac
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    Screen saver control panel broken in Windows 7?

    Has it ever worked? You are running a starter edition which could be the issue. Try closing up everything, then try it. -Jazmac
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    Win 7 slowed to a crawl

    Sounds like classic power supply failure. Get to Fry's and get a replacement. Before long, it won't boot up at all. -Jazmac
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    SOLVED switch from 64-bit to 32-bit

    My question is why would you want to? You are not required to only purchase 64 bit programs if that what you were thinking. It will run 32bit apps just fine. -Jazmac
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    can't remove damaged dll in winsxs folder

    If you've already checked your system for malware, try running the system file checker. sfc /scannow from the dos prompt. Start, type in CMD, then right click on the file and choose run as administrator. Then type: sfc /scannow. Press return. If it is missing or corrupt, windows will...
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    Get a legal download of Win7 64bit

    Unless there was an extension I'm aware of, the 30 dollar student discount for Windows 7 Home premium ended in the US, Jan 5th of this year. And Ian is right about the Professional version for students. I was able to get the 30 dollar discount. On the question, the key will work on either...
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    Keyboard not responding on boot

    Sorry, I read too quickly. Update the keyboard in the same way I said to update the usb ports. Let me know if that clears it up. BTW, have you installed something recently? Are you running Windows in enhanced mode for handicapped users? -Jazmac