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    Backup your Hard Drive with Acronis

    Thanks every one for all the info. One of these days will know something about these things. Take care and have a great day to all James
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    Windows 7 Startup Disk

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    Windows 7 Startup Disk

    when you fist get your pc they tell you to make a disk, so that if anything happens you can use the disk to reset your pc. I am sorry about not tell just what I need every one has been so helpfull thanks to all. I hope this will clear up my mistake.. Ken
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    Windows 7 Startup Disk

    I want to have a disk so that I can start over just like when my pc was new been have ing a lot of problems with my pc so was talk this was the way to go. Hope he was right.
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    SOLVED Home » Windows 7 , Install & Uninstall How to Backup & Restore Windows 7 Activation

    I am new here, and not to sharp about the pc. so I know this site will be a big help thanks to all and have a good day James