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    Windows 7 upgrade, when they pry it from my cold, hands - I think

    Windows 10 is ok. They got about 90% of the way through fixing the things that made 8 suck. I just wish they'd have finished that last 10% of polish. The control panel/settings is still hot mess of hybrid "new UI" and the older Win7 UI. Example: Go into Network settings. Click Ethernet...
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    Widows 7 won't Update

    Hello Brian , I don't think so it would any affect on your system. Thanks, website
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    Widows 7 won't Update

    Like Windows XP before it, Windows 7 has proven to be a reliable and steadfast platform with many users reluctant to upgrade to newer versions. Even over a year after the end of mainstream support for Windows 7 by Microsoft, web traffic statistics site StatCounter reports that over 40% of users...
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    AMD Driver Support List (name ATI changed)

    I am also looking drivers for mobile only but as you know AMD doesnt support drivers for laptops. all drivers listed are for desktops only.