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    Hey everyone, I'm just a kid who is interested in Windows and viruses/malware in particular. I have a keen interest of downloading viruses on VM and see how they spread, and how they work really. Some of you may be thinking 'Why are you here... you're only 14'. So what? I've come here because I...
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    How to get rid of most viruses.

    Hey! This is a short guide on how to remove any viruses you may have on your laptop/computer. Note: This is a tutorial, I'm not asking for any help. It would be logical for me to write Tutorial in the total, but I'm unable to find out how. 1. It would be reasonable to boot into safe mode while...
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    Virus I can not remove.

    1. Go into safe mode with networking (repeatedly press F8 when starting the computer). 2. Go on-to the internet and search Malwarebytes anti-malware. Download it, and then run it, update all the malware definitions and do a full scan, then restart if need be. 3. Go back into safe mode and...
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    Free Windows 10 Upgrade

    I got the notification, but I am currently happy with Windows 7, anddon't really want to upgrade, even with more better security in-line updates, I prefer to stick with good ol' Windows 7, as I am more familiar with it. Going back to what jefboyardee said, it uses more ram and it possibly could...