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    McAfee Security Issue?

    Paul, if your not a fan of McAfee's software, then by all means uninstall it. There are several decent free AV programs on the net you can use. Sometimes when you uninstall a program it leaves traces of its programming in your registry, if you want it all gone then I suggest downloading and...
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    McAfee Security Issue?

    Hi Paul, I for one am not a fan of McAfee's anything! If I were in your shoes right now, I would disable McAfee's just long enough to download the necessary files for windows updates. Once those are finsihed and you have rebooted your computer I would then enable McAfee's again. You should be...
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    I have Windows 7 Prof and my system has never froze up atleast not yet, How much Ram do you have in that computer? Also, did that computer freeze before the new graphics card? And what Windows Version are you running?
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    Kaspersky Anti virus

    You can always try disabling your AV suite then try the upgrade. if not, I would uninstall the AV suite reboot then install the upgrade. There are several free AV applications you can use till you get back to your applications, Good Luck!
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    Best anti-virus for Windows 7

    Wow, I have used the free version of AVG for years and haven't had any problems with any Viruses. I guess it's all about knowing what you dnload and install on your system. I don't and won't dnload software from strangers for any given reasons. With that being said, I'm going to knock on some...
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    Not sure I can reley on secunia PSI

    I have had a score of 100% till I just did the newer upgrade of Fire Fox and am now below 95%. I think that Secunia doesn't like Fire Fox for what ever their reasons are. I uninstalled Secunia this am and will go back when it works, don't fix it. Happy Easter All :)
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    Firefox 3.6.3 is here

    Years ago back when IE6 was the out, IE was ok, but when IE 7 came out with their tabs I didn't care for it at all. I moved to Fire Fox and for the most part been happy with it till lately. Fire Fox is slowing down cuz they keep adding crap to it. I recently switched to Safari and it's like way...
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    Beware of Adobe Reader 9

    Just for your FYI, You Tube has been making some changes to their software as of lately and has been down for maintenance
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    Another successful Windows 7 install

    4 computers loaded with Win 7 and all went smoothly. This was prolly the easiest version Windows has had too date and so far all installs were spot on. I can only hope that Win 8 is as good as 7 was!
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    SOLVED Windows 7 and no sound

    UpGraded System - } Runs like a deer.
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    SOLVED Have dumped Firefox, is IE8 any better?

    I just ran Secunia PSI and I didn't have a single issue with FF or any other applications. Scoring 100% works for me.
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    SOLVED Have dumped Firefox, is IE8 any better?

    Have you tried that speedy Browser called K-Meleon yet? Not much too look at but it's just as fast as Safari.
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    Audio Glitches During Internet Usage

    Not sure if that is a fix for what you have going on but it worked for me. These days with Sound Cards being fairly cheap you might think about upgrading if you can't get the problems fixed.
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    Audio Glitches During Internet Usage

    Ok, the reason I asked was I had the same problems when I first upgraded to win 7 - I removed all sound card drivers and reinstalled them. Then I opened the computer and removed sound card and reinstalled it, then turned on the system and it worked perfectly.
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    SOLVED Viruses through Firefox?

    I myself am not a huge fan of any AV or Firewall Suite application's. For the most part there are a few decent stand alone programs that work quite well. I find that Suite applications are huge resource hogs and I have had problems with them with running business software. Give me the free AVG...