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    Safe Mode - Discussion

    Nice article. Maybe you could extend this text and write something about the Last Know Good Configuration' option. That option has helped me a lot with crippled PC's.
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    Windows 7 64Bit icons/Firefox

    Does Firefox always crash ? Have you tried to start Firefox in Safe Mode ? What version of Firefox are you running ?
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    SOLVED Windows Explorer (x64) fails to start.

    Looks like I fixed it. After uninstalling old version of VSO Image Resizer and installing a newer version it looks like the problem is fixed. Haven't had a Explorer.exe crash for more than 24h :beer:
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    SOLVED Windows Explorer (x64) fails to start.

    Hi, I have a frustrating problem with my Windows 7 Ultimate x64. At random times Windows Explorer fails to start. I can click the icon, I can see some hard disk activity and then nothing. Explorer.exe starts just fine at boot, so it's not that know problem. Each time when I have this problem...