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    Purchasing a new hard drive

    clifford: that's what I thought, so in fact, one could not install windows 7 upgrade on a new blank HD, even if that computer already hosted an installed windows7 (Thrax suggested that since windows 7 upgrade was already installed in the past on that PC, it would not require an upgrade validation) ?
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    Purchasing a new hard drive

    I thought the upgrade license could be only installed over an existing installation. This is not true?
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    Purchasing a new hard drive

    Why do you need a fresh install? You could transfer your existing system, and then do a fresh install.
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    Purchasing a new hard drive

    You'll need to transfer the current installation to the new hard drive. You will not be able to install a fresh copy on your new hard drive.
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    Outlook Express Compatible

    I've seen some failures reported about that. You can try as an alternative. Do you require particularly Outlook Express?
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    Monitor blank screen

    You can find drivers here: you'll need to select your model - most have win7 drivers.
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    SOLVED Win7 and automatic defrag

    thanks for the feedback
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    What will Win7 do to my current XP64 install?

    As draceena suggested, you can install Windows 7 into the existing windows XP partition, your data will be kept aside, everything else will be in an unusable state. If you want to have all applications usable as before, you can use Zinstall XP7 (follow the instructions in the "How to do an in...
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    SOLVED Uninstall Litescribe

    Where did you get the installer from? I can try it and tell you how it goes.
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    SOLVED Win7 and automatic defrag

    I was actually looking for a way to stop defrag. What is your experience with disltrix defrager?
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    How do I change the System Partition?

    Could you be a bit more descriptive? What is are you trying to accomplish?
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    Share folder problems with windows 7 and windows xp

    Sometimes you have to turn on network discovery, maybe this could solve your issue.
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    SOLVED Win7 and automatic defrag

    Hey bry2go, thanks for your reply. Any way to change this during the installation itself?
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    Windows 7 and Vista Dual Boot Screen and I want to get rid of it!

    Did you install your motherboard drivers, if not this would explain why sleep is disabled.
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    If you won't remove the VISTA drive, Win7 setup should do the Multi boot option for you.