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    How to share laptop internet to phone via bluetooth?

    How do I make it so that my laptop, while connected to the wifi, will share it's internet connection to my Android phone via bluetooth? When I try to search for it, I keep getting solutions for the other way around. Just for clarification: If my phone is connected to the wifi, it can share its...
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    Could not start DHCP client on windows 7 home premium. Error 5 access denied

    DHCP client didn't start automatic. Trying start from services: Windows could not start the DHCP Client service on Local Computer. Error 5: Access denied. What should be fixed please?
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    how to use RSS feed for getting reply notification?

    i already tick mark watch this thread for reply notification & also i am receiving through my email, but what is the use of RSS feed? i heard my friend saying subscribe to RSS feed, what does it mean?
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    how to use RSS feed for getting reply notification?

    how to use RSS feed for getting reply notification to my email inbox? please tell step up step procedure.
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    SOLVED SOLVED -------- BSOD while idle or in sleep

    Before you select Sleep Mode, remove all USB (like pen drives etc) & Internet connections. i faced same problem.
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    I am using Windows 7 and I get a 169.254.x.x ip address

    I am using Windows 7 and I get 169.254.x.x IP address. What would be the problem? Can you please gave me a step-by-step procedure? Here’s what I have tried: ipconfig /all got us a 169.254.x.x ip address and no default gateway ipconfig /release gave us the same number ipconfig /renew failed...
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    create file/folder permission without delete permission

    Is there anyway I can set create file/folder permission for a user in Windows 7 without giving delete permission for a folder? I don't want the user to delete any files in that folder but he should be able to make new files,rename them and copy new files to that folder. Is this possible in Windows?
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    changing .js extension default editor (win7)

    I used the ShellMenuView utility to find the registry keys associated with the .js extension and changed this key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\JSFile\Shell\Edit\Command from a path to notepad.exe to the notepad++.exe path. For some reason though the edit context menu still opens with notepad. I did the...
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    Default permission for new file cygwin on Windows 7

    I am using cygwin on Windows 7 professional. When I create new files such as it seems to get default permission set to 755. This is not what I want. I want it to be 644 for regular files. This is very annoying to have to change permissions every time I create new files outside...
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    How to create a bootable USB Windows OS using Mac OS X

    I'm having a trouble here because of my brother's PC got infected today and I've tried everything to get it back to normal, but the only option left for me now is to do a clean install. Now, what happen is that I have Macbook Pro with 8GB USB. I've downloaded Windows 7 from my college website...
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    Windows 7 Installation error led to infinite startup repair loop?

    Hi So yesterday i tried to reinstall windows 7 home premium 64 bit on my friend's lenovo ideapad u310 ultrabook "not the touch one" so that i could sell it. Since it did not come with a windows 7 disc I made my own using the windows 7 usb/dvd tool and followed the instructions in the blog i...
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    How long do windows updates take?

    I'm leaving it on overnight. Basically I just downloaded a years worth of updates for windows 7 which was pretty fast, but I know installing is a whole different story. Does anyone have an idea? I just shut it down and it says it has about 125 updates to install....
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    c000021a BSOD on Windows 7 boot

    I guess I can't since I'm getting the error message: The version of System Recovery Options is not compatible with this version of Windows you're trying to repair. Try using a recovery disc that is compatible with this Windows version. I'm trying to repair a Stop: c000021a BSOD at startup. It...
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    Need Assistance on ASUS K55V USB ports not working

    I have an Asus K55V laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium x64. Whenever I try to use a mouse (or any other USB device), it doesn't work because of a driver problem. The automatic update tries to update the driver and requires me to reboot directly after. It doesn't work. Windows Update then wants...