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    A format question?

    It's none of my concern, indeed. I just pointed out - according to your complain of scrolling - that if for example your signature was shorter, it wouldn't be so painful to view the page. Especially when you post a message in every single thread. Well that seems selfish. Isn't this supposed to...
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    A format question?

    If people had less stuff in their signatures, pages would be a lot shorter and more comfortable for the browser to load. And besides, who cares "How the CIA Views the UFO Phenomenon".
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    Win 7 No Sound/ over Vista

    Umm... Where have you installed it then? 'cause it should get driver updates automatically from Windows Update. (even pirated versions do)
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    A list of Run commands for WIN7

    And many programs can be started by typing their name in the run box. (eg. typing "firefox" -> Mozilla Firefox starts.
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    Free Steam Game - Alien Swarm

    What's your steam nick? :D I just dl:ed that game too :)
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    Flash Player

    What browser are you using?
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    Desktop not found problem

    Did you install it properly?
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    Music streaming services

    It actually sucks when compared to Spotify. :D You should really try the Open version of Spotify, so you could notice the awesomeness of it. :)
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    basic question

    Type 'dxdiag' to the Start Menu search bar and press enter. There you can see Operating System: (whatever it is) or Control Panel -> System and there System Type: 64bit or 32bit
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    The official joke thread

    This was really funny! :D
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    Windows Desktop Background Photos

    I did... :(
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    Windows Desktop Background Photos

    I think he meant the default Windows wallpapers that come along with OS. They can be found at: X:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper (X = Drive Letter, eg. C)
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    DropBox is a must-have application (at least for me). It's an online storage for things you want to keep safe and where you want to have access anywhere. Try it and register! :)
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    how to allow one user program to run?

    E x a c t l y .
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    how to allow one user program to run?

    How's possible that I survived with XP, without UAC and without viruses? UAC is (good?) for keeping an eye on what users are doing (if you're an administrator), but if your the only user on a computer, UAC is nothing.